The Phone number to Yellow Cab

Telephone number of the Yellow Taxi

Gelbes Taxi - Taxis - 2600 St N Seventh, Saint Cloud, MN - Telephone number The night before I phoned to plan a pick-up for the next day at 530 am for work. I was told by the dispatchers that I would be collected on the spot because he said, "I put very important next to your name. Next tomorrow comes and I'm willing to leave at 530 and look out the windows.

From my home it is ten and a half hours to get to my work, so I call now, because if they miss me somehow, they have to begin to come now so that I can get there. Sighing I say, "We are doing our best to pick everyone up on schedule and they are on their way to your home.

" And so I get off the phone and just hang around again, just waiting for them to come as soon as possible. It'?s now 6:00 in the mornings, the hour I should be at my work. Last evening at 9:00 p.m. I ordered this taxi for 530 a.m. to make sure I got to work on schedule.

" Everything in my powers I did to make sure I would be on schedule, and it didn't really make any difference because I was lying to two dispatcher that I was safely in their capable hands. What I did was to make sure I was on schedule. Then the taxi was telling me that there was no need for me not to be collected in good order when they asked about my planned pick-up and were asked by headquarters not to come to collect me because "they didn't have enough spare tire to make my run because it went all the way to the Sowk Rafts and they should do their others in the city first.

" I' ve been informed by the taxi drivers that they usually make their trips to the metadone hospital because the clients use the taxis every single working day and they are big spenders because most of them are financed with state or social security contributions and the taxis are able to calculate the maximal available amount of them regardless of travel distances or times per trip.

I was forced to be too late for my work because of the hungry driver and a hungry taxi crew who openly lying to me when they knew pretty well that they would do all their everyday hospital walks first, no matter how urgent I had to be on schedule or how early I had arranged my trip.

It' s clear to me that they have been losing out to all these other transport modes in all respects except driving to hospitals insured or government backed, and they seem to know it and have given up client satifaction. In order to finish my history, I quit the profession because I wasn't on schedule for this one occasion.

Thank you Yellow Cab. In fact, I asked if it would be a trouble to get my lift, because if it was, I just needed to know so I could find another way.

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