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Look for the cheapest flights to any airport in the world and we'll help you find the best deals available. Italian Forecast Italy is a rich source of cultural, historical, good eating and stylish treasures, all these things and more. And what else can we say about Italy? Vacations in this old land are really the stuff dreaming is made of. If you are not enthusiastic about its antique Greeks and Romans, its mediaeval cities or its Gothic church, it will delight you with its busy cities.

Towns such as Milan and Turin show the contemporary face of Italy, characterised by elegance, refinement and above all quality. And the other side of Italy is a side of romanticism. When it comes to loving, nowhere knows the dialect better than in this land. No matter whether you take a cable car ride on the Grand Canal of Venice, climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa or meander over the stately plazas of Florence, nowhere will you find such a romantic place as the mediaeval towns of Italy.

However, not all old wonders, action-packed communities give the term "love at first sight" a new significance. Italia is also a land of lovely sandy shores, quaint island and action-packed resort. From Calabria in the western part to Apulia in the eastern part, the southern part is flooded with untouched coast villages in Greece flavor.

And while the Sardinian and Capri Isles attract the mythical and celebrity with their 5-star resort, the Amalfi Coast draws visitors in pursuit of incomparable beauties and cities of postcards. Featuring two thousand year old churches, stages and buildings, not to speak of the Vatican City's wealth, the Italian capitol is the vulture's heaven.

Italy's climate can vary greatly according to where you are. The peak seasons in Italy are July and August, when rates increase according to the number of visitors. If you feel at home in Italy's marvellous skiing areas, then choose from November to March.

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