Charter Communications Schedule

Communication Charter Schedule

The channel numbers listed apply either to analogue cable TV sets or to digital charter receivers. Charters extends the rollout of cloud-based "Spectrum Guide". Charter Communications has enhanced the roll-out of Spectrum Guide, its cloud-based ActiveVideo technology-based GUI, to provide it to older QAM-driven set-tops and newer IP-enabled equipment. She said she launched the Spectrum Guide for Videosubmarines in Fort Worth, Texas, Reno, Nev. and St.

Louis, Mo. and will soon begin launching her new World Box, a supporting application for the new UI, a range of applications and a removable safety application.

Technicolor, which took over the cushioning and packaging (CPE) operations of Cisco Systems in November 2015, and Humax are the well-known World Box vendors. Tom Rutledge, CEO of Charter, said the MSO expected the user interface to be introduced in most existing charter market by the end of 2016.

"It remains well scalable and appealing to consumers," he said. Said the management of the fully digitized transfer of purchased assets will be a "key priority" and hoped the Charter could finalize the processes in all 36 million households that TWC and Bright House completed by the end of 2018.

Charters is still working on the Spectrum Guide roll-out schedule in the purchased charter equipment, said Rutledge. Earlier in the all-digital business once the deal is closed, Charter will "briefly interrupt" new digitally rolled outs into existing and purchased charter equipment and then reboot by using two-way set-tops everywhere and ceasing to use one-way DTAs, Rutledge said.

At the conference call, Charter was also asked to talk about the benefits of the ActiveVideo JV with Arris (J.V. purchased ActiveVideo in mid-2015, Arris purchased a 65% stake). The EVP Charter and CFO Chris Winfrey described it as a "productive relationship" and noted that Charter is handled as an "independent third provider within the ActiveVideo relationship", able to gain insight into the company's upstream products and have some supervision over them.

Charter recorded a 15% year-on-year decrease in invoicing and services in the first quarter and a 19% decrease in the rolling volumes of trucks. Approximately 80% of HGV roles in charter services are now enrolled, up from 50% in 2012, he said, and added that call centre activities are now 90% enrolled. Charter in April added an electric disconnector instead of manual lorry rollers.

This also helps the Charter to rescale its self-installation practice, Rutledge said.

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