Top 6 new very Light Jets

The top 6 of the new very light jets

Aircraft list of all very light aircraft types. Very light jet. Zirrus Vision SF50 Very light beam. ECOlipse 500 Very light beam. embraer phenom 100 Very light beam.

We' re launching a new class of personal aircraft - very light jets -

A very light jets, also known as personnel jets or entry-level jets, is a class of small jets that are normally certified to operate with a pilots. Previously known as a microjet, these jets are designed to seat 4-8 passengers and have a launch capacity of less than 10,000 lbs.

Such jets are usually much easier than privately chartered jets, which are generally recognized as commercial jets, and are conceived to be piloted by individual pilots. It' only everyday that one or two persons are carried on a journey by one or two commercial aircraft.

On many occasions there are only the top executive who use chartered jets and can fly on a 7 seat empty plane. On this basis, airframe producers saw this as an important chance to produce and offer a tailored consumer grade solution.

Consequently, the invention of very light jets took place to reduce the costs and effort of traveling with personal jets. In the light aviation sector, clients usually use personal jets as a commercial or time-saving instrument. Therefore, for this type of travel, preference is given to those planes that have the cheapest charters and could warrant the travel or travel.

In the end, some of the big airplane makers took care of this important demand and made some of the highest value very light jets. Eclipse 500 from the company Elipse Aviation were the first to bring the first Light Jets ever onto the market. The next is the name of Cessna's Citation Mustang, which is also one of the most famous light nozzle brand names.

The Phenom 100, produced by Embraer of the Brasilian airplane better than the light jets mentioned above. Consequently, a new category of jets - Very Light Jets - is becoming increasingly common in the category of personal jets.

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