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Airfare and rental

Maiden flight| Whale shark holiday rental Whalehead's beautiful Outer Banks Oceanfront House has each room wonderfully decorated with the simple and relaxing elegant styling of the Outer Banks. Floor 1: bedrooms (duo) with TV; games room with sink and sink, cooking area, full fridge and TV; full indoor swimming pools; wash-room.

Floor 2: Master room (king) with entrance to the decks; Master room (queen) with entrance to the decks; Bed room (queen) with TV and Bed room (2 twins) sharing a full bathroom; Cave ( QSS ) with entrance to the decks.

Floor 3: Master bedroom (king) with own terrace, TV and sea view; large room with TV; fitted kitchen; eating area; half bathroom. It' really kind of you to think the Jacuzzi didn't work during our whole trip. The first flight is a lovely home. Our chalet is roomy and perfect equipped for 11 adult and 1 children in our group.

We were loving the place, but there were some issues. Entrance to the shore was almost hidden by the sand dune. There were only four stairs that led down to the shore. Although privately accessible beaches are great, it would have been better if they had been cared for. It is beautifully decorated and very well-appointed.

It' very simple to get settled, unwind and spend your free moments on the beaches. It was a fantastic place. The First Flight is a perfectly "home away from home". It is always well cared for and since we cook a great deal, the well-equipped galley is much valued! Wow, what a lovely pleasant surprise to actually get there and the home was better than described.

Well, the way from the bungalow to the shore seemed longer than it really is. All was in very good shape and very neat. When we get back to OBX, it'll be the first flight. Pretty home and great area! All in all a beautiful large villa with good views to the sea, a well equipped galley and enough room for a large group (10+).

Might need a little TLC for some service problems, but probably typically for a seaside rental with high use. I and my familiy really loved the first flight real estate and the nice home. It was a pleasant surprise when we came to see such nice plots. Admittedly, since we are staying on the shore, we don't have much free space in front of the building, but because of the nice courtyard, the children played there on occasion.

Our building itself exceeded our expectation!

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