Charter Spectrum Service

Spectrum charter service

The Spectrum (formerly Charter Spectrum and Time Warner Cable) offers cable television, internet and home telephony. The Spectrum cable, Internet and telephone service can be started from New York.

The New York Civil Service Authority is trying to eliminate Spectrum, the state's biggest TV and ISP, because it claims to have breached obligations and not served consumers well. Spectrum's owner, Charter Communications, has been given 60 working days by the State Executive to develop an exits scheme while the State is looking for a new service company.

It also imposed a $3 million fine on the business and said it must offer continuous service during the transitional time. The Charter has 30 working day to dispute the order, which, according to the information provided by the charterer, will be the case. Today's move is said to have been prompted by issues that began in 2016, when the state cleared the Charter and Time Warner Cable mergers.

The charter is also charged with having carried out "below normal plumbing and building work", which includes abandoning loose cables. Reversing the Charter/Time Warner Cable fusion, which has been described by specialists in regulating the press as highly uncommon, follows a time when the Charter has consistently ignored the key features that convinced the state.

According to the State Civil Service Commissioner, the Stamford-based Charter, CT, has participated in the "deliberate disguise" of its service and regulatory commitments. When Comcast was foiled in Washington when it tried to taxi Time Warner Cable, Charter then came in to record it and become the number 2 operator in the state.

Completed in 2016, the $60 billion dollar transaction ended 43 years ago with Time Warner Cable becoming an independently owned and operated group.

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