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Flight Specials

Flight offers FlySAA 2018 | South African Airways Booking your flight here on FlySAA (South Africa Airways or SAA), the premier airline in Southern Africa, allows you to make reservations to over 35 destinations worldwide. SkySAA is also a proud Star Alliance member, which comprises 28 global carriers from 192 nationalities. It is the most firmly entrenched carrier in the nation that emerged from the campaign of the Southern Africa authorities that took over Union Airways in 1934.

South African Airways switched its brand from Springbok to a new brand in 1997, integrating among other things on-line reservationervices. There are more than 38 South African Airways targets that are either flown directly to and other targets that it will pass before it reaches its ultimate goal. Tours depart from major global airport locations in major metropolitan areas such as London, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Madagascar, Europe, China and Cameroon.

Supporting the carrier is an important part of helping customers in checking in their luggage. They also have self-service booths that help them inspect their belongings. In addition, the carrier has set up a passenger check-in portal 24 hrs before take-off. The SAA on-line check-in allows more elapsed times for other activity such as purchasing and makes a waiting line unnecessary.

Working with Mango, SA Express and SA Airlink at regional destination, AirSAA is part of the Star Alliance, which comprises 28 global carriers operating from 192 nationalities. South- African Airways operates flights directly to Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Munich, New York, Perth, Sao Paulo and Washington. The check-in of the FlySAA is fast and simple, so it will soon become an integral part of your flight schedule.

It is open for an on-line test 24 hour before your flight departs. When you have not yet found a seating position or you wish to modify it, it is advisable to register with us as soon as possible in order to obtain the desired seating position if necessary. Up to 90 min before your flight departs, and up to two hrs before your flight departs internationally, you can use our service for your own flight.

Unless you have a card printing device to use, you can either have your card printed at the self-service check-in desks at the airports or pick it up at a SAA check-in-desk. Please use the following information to get in touch with South African Airways: The South Africa Airways flight schedules can be found on the SAA flight schedules, which can be downloaded from https://www.flysaa. com/plan-book/travel-information/timetables, where travellers can view the flight schedules prior to making a reservation.

You can use the mileage you earn for upgrade, other reward or even flight. She has worked with such prestigious carriers as Emirates Airways, Mango Airways, Qantas Air, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Air India, SA Express, Mango, SA Airlink and Air Canada. South Africa Airways is the oldest carrier in the world, with 1o model aircrafts and 55 operating aircrafts. Its portfolio includes Airbus A300, A319, A 320, Airbus 40, Boeings 737, 737 Next Gen, 747, 767 and McDonnell Douglas MD-80/90.

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