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Completely enclosed private jet toilet: When she comes out, she says, "Sorry, but the toilet doesn't work properly". Bathroom's the old honey bucket way. Find out more about the Cessna Citation Mustang Toilet or Toilet included in the Very Light Jet. I' m serious, how unpleasant is this toilet?

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One of the most important issues for a passenger jet client when it comes to making a reservation or purchasing a personal jet is: How is the bath room? Similar to property, the state and value of a personal plane is often determined by its bath room, which can differ widely from plane to plane.

In order to present the selection of bath models for personal jetliners, we have gathered various airplanes and looked at each of their bath choices - from the least personal to the most luxury. For good reasons, the bathrooms in a Mustang are regarded as "emergency toilets". Although the Cessna Citation Mustangdoes have a toilet, it is not as personal as you might like.

Toilets, known for good reasons as "emergency pots", are situated between the dashboard and the cab, but there are no door locks to lock the toilet - it is supplied with a detachable screen. However, this is usually no longer a concern for Mustang travellers, as most use this airplane as a high-efficiency aerial taxicab for fast, brief outings.

With the Learjet 75, the bath room options are an easy leap forward in the lightweight jets family. At the back of the cab there is a discrete and striking toilet divided by massive door panels. The toilet is also fitted with a safety harness, which provides take-off and landings for an additional occupant if required.

Citation XLS+, the world's best-selling personal jumper, offers passenger a comfortable and roomyftoilet. Whilst most mid-size jetliners provide a personal toilet at the tail of the plane, the XLS+'s larger cabins allow the room to be used as a changing area, significantly enhancing the attractiveness of the mid-size family.

Citation XLS+'s en -suite bath is also a wardrobe. Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), the most luxury BBJ, has not only one but two full baths. First there is a toilet and showers in the middle of the stateroom, but if you're looking for more private space, there's another private bath en -suite connected to the V.I.P. room at the back of the plane.

Bombardier Global Express is known for its luxury indoor spaces, which include the washroom. And Oprah is a proud possessor of this plane and has constructed a special plane that features design furnishings in the bathrooms. While Elvis designed the whole inside of the plane, he was famous for the master bedroom and insisted that it had a gold plated en suite shower and fittings.

A bespoke Airbus A380, initially built by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, must be the most luxury personal jets room. It has 5 en-suite rooms, a full en-suite shower room and a separate shower room with shower. In addition to its own en-suite shower room for each of the five large on-board beds, this privately owned aircraft also has a thermal Jacuzzi for spas and a traditional water edifice for relaxation during the day.

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