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Hamilton told the Atlanta Journal Constitution the merger with Danbury, Conn. The ImagineAir was an air taxi service based in Atlanta Metro, Georgia, which operates the largest floating fleet of piston aircraft in the United States. AmagineAir merges with Kavoo Air Taxi Services. ImagineAir, the local air taxi services, said that it merged with a northeastern air taxi business, the first major move of the Gwinnett County enterprise toward domestic services, said Chief Executive Officer Benjamin Hamilton on Thursday. Mr.

Hamilton said in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that the fusion with Danbury, Conn.-based Kavoo, which operates primarily in the northeast, will enable ImagineAir, which operates primarily in the southeast, to close the gulf between the two areas and offer air taxi services along the east coast.

"Our goal is to become a national air taxi to free humans from the streets," Hamilton said. Currently, ImagineAir transports customers to more than 600 southeastern aerodromes, among them large trade centres and smaller district and local aerodromes. The ImagineAir will be the remaining trademark after the fusion with Kavoo, which is run by Eagle Air.

The ImagineAir headquarters will remain in Lawrenceville. The Kavoo investor will acquire shares in ImagineAir. According to Hamilton, the value of the merged entity will be approximately $4.5 million after the transaction. Mr. Hamilton said his firm will be investing in more aircraft, pilot and servicing equipment in the Northeast and Central Atlantic and improving its on-line reservations bookings technologies to enable the added value of services.

During the last years the air taxi growing air taxi services works similar to a floor taxi. Last Minute reservations for a return Friday to Charleston, S.C., from Gwinnett and back on the same date would be approximately $1,884 on ImagineAir according to the company's on-line reservations, versus the lowest rate of $1,560 for a corporate Travelocity ticket.

ImagineAir customers do not have to divide the cabins equipped with genuine leathers with many other persons. ImagineAir, which started operation in 2007, employs around 25 staff, 14 of whom are pilotmen. It has a total of 11 Cirrus SR22 GTS aircrafts, compared to five in 2009. In its fiscal year, the Group recorded a 40 per cent increase over the previous year and is expecting revenues of around 3.5 million US dollars this year, compared with 1 million US dollars in 2009.

It commutes mainly for corporate customers who typically want to cover up to 300 mile instead of traveling the route or taking a scheduled airfare. Taxis make about 25 journeys a diurn. He has three airplanes and a crew of about six, said Hamilton, who earned a bachelor's in aerospace from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Emory University.

At Hamilton, we expect his business to offer domestic services in five years.

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