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but you don't have to try to see it all at once. Last year Dubai and Lisbon (and documented everything on their instagram, natch). Travel from Finland to destinations all over the world for unbeatable rates! The Halloween decorations range from schools to grocery stores. Thanks to our extensive route network, you can book a direct or connecting flight to and from airports all over the world.

Buy a plane ticket? The change of your online purchase location and your currency could conserve a lot of money.....

Reserving an overseas ticket, especially if it originates and terminates in a different jurisdiction than your home jurisdiction, can help you make savings by making the payment in your home jurisdiction's currencies and modifying the "online location" of your purchases. In February we have a journey to Hong Kong in front of us and want to end this journey with an extra journey to Phuket, Thailand.

Although I could have opened my jaw, I am confronted with sightseeing tours between Hong Kong and Phuket. Where I buy the ticket and the money on-line can make the cost calculation differences of a hundred or more. The same applies to airplanes around the globe. Travelling like a native, it's cheap.

My article How To Find Cheap Business & First Class Flights featured the ITA Matrix. It is a web application that provides highly efficient and versatile searching features, such as the payment method and the "point of sale", which is basically the town where the ticket is purchased even though it is there.

It' Google Flights on Steroids. To book a ticket, the most frequent thought is to contact the regular discount stores and airlines: You are not mistaken, but before you buy a ticket, you should use the ITA matrix and gamble with the money and place of your ticket purchases, depending on your destination or town.

I was curious to see how much Thai Airways Royal Silk classes would charge for paying them. Looking at Expedia and CheapOair, which just use my country code and my office address, I found that the ticket would be about $2,340 per people. Using the ITA Matrix softwares (Google ITA Matrix only), she chooses of course the locale in which she wants to depart, in this example Hong Kong, instead of New York where I am located.

"The " Lokal " prices are almost always better than the prices billed to aliens, and the use of the ITA matrix is the solution. If I look for exactly the same flight with the ITA matrix, I get a HKD 6,584 cost that turns into $849. That' a saving of over $1,300 per capita versus my own denomination and city.

With no physical travel to Hong Kong, I can make a booking while in New York with my office in Hong Kong and my denomination in Hong Kong dollars. Carrier thinks it's a bargain, so I'm saving up. Likewise, you can make numerous tariff purchases with carriers around the globe by moving your seat from the UK to Norway on the airlines' website to benefit from the preferential rates.

Coming from outside the U.S. and booking a flight within the U.S., always select USA and US Dollars as your locations. In general it is simple, most tariffs on the chart can be directly reserved with the carrier. If you are visiting their website, just adjust your position and your local exchange to your point of origin or destiny.

Comparing rates between off-the-shelf discounter and a few sites or currency pairs with ITA Matrix is so easy that it would be a real disgrace not to.

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