Sri Lankan Airline Departures

Departures of the Sri Lankan airline

ABFAHRT - Month Sep 2018 Information shown above consists of a 24-hour period. Data, times and other data given in the table are subject to change from period to period without notice. AASL is not accountable to its staff for any inaccurate information and therefore shall not be held in any way accountable for any inaccuracy or error.

It is recommended that passengers contact the airline directly before travel.

UL303 - UL 303 Flight Tracker

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Columbo Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB/VCBI) | Arrivals, departures & routes

Actual meteorological conditions for 3,000 international destinations are shown on the chart. The Global IR Satellite provides global coverage, which is shown on the chart and updated every 60mins. The Global Radar system provides areas with heavy rainfall on the chart every 30 min. Rainfall totals show areas of rainfall on the chart that are actively updated 12 x daily.

Airmeters/Sigsets published by government agencies that forecast important meteorological conditions that may be dangerous for air travel are automatically upgraded every 30 minute. Captured flashes of electricity on the card, updating every 15 mins. Windspeed and winddirection on the chart, in 1.000 feet steps, 12 updates daily. The borders of the worldwide flight information area and the upper information area are superimposed on the chart.

Different ocean icetracks, among them North Atlantic Track, which are superimposed on the chart. Navigator way points and respiratory tracts for high and low flights superimposed on the chart. Gain an immediate view of the delays at the global or regional airports. Be aware that more than one activity can cause the page loading speed to rise and the page yield to fall.

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