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Every day, our travel consultants deal with complex multi-stop and RTW trips. Lowest cost routes around the world: Shocking Deals On my second RTW (Round the Circle of the World) I am always looking for the least expensive (and/or best) way to get from one place to another. The journey is very slowly, so the hop was quite small, but it made me wonder what the least expensive route is for a journey around the globe?

Of all the recent reports about propellant supplements and new tax rates, I was expecting a journey of at least 3 stations that passed the date line exactly once to be at least currently costly, but it turns out to be exactly the opposite. With newer low budget carriers and some recent tariff sells, a single traveler could actually travel around the globe for less than $1,500, with up to 5 rewarding stations.

You would have to be crazy, or an attempt to make a wager to select your RTW route at the absolutely minimum costs. However, in the end it is interesting information and it will help to find out how to maximize your spending on it. Everyone considering an RTW journey should find value in the information, as it does not only include margins of important things like housing, transport, attractions und meals, but also estimations of what the wheather and hotels will look like in a particular months of the year.

Iceland Express from London to New York City will stop in Reykjavik on the way, and for a small charge you can make a short stop, making it a 5-stage route. As I began to look at every possible mix I could think of, focusing mainly on the most congested airport and long-haul low-cost carrier combinations, I anticipated that the sum would be much more costly and would probably involve very different towns.

It is a particularly odd case that Moscow is currently offering incredible low prices in all directions. For those travelling in one way (and not back), switching in Moscow could help saving on a number of distant itineraries ( although visas limitations could increase difficulty if not planned in advance).

There are also the strange cases where the lowest fares between New York City and Tokyo were on Air Canada with a stopover in Toronto. Buy single vs. full RTW ticketing? Earlier experimentation on this very subject has usually shown that purchasing a flight through a website like or through one of the airlines' alliance saves you cash when you buy single flight coupons.

In this case, however, the offers I received were about $500 more for each route, and there could have been extra tax and charges if I got on the plastic display. Everyone who goes around the globe and goes to big-city destinations, all of which are serviced by big airline companies, should at least get a quotation for a full fare but it seems that with more and more low-cost companies constantly emerging, purchasing a la cart becomes ever less expensive, not to speak of the added agility.

Are you familiar with less expensive RTW tracks than the ones listed above? Over the coming month, we will further investigate this issue and other ways to maximize our spending on travelling by being inventive.

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