Cessna Flight Training

Training for Cessna Flights

Integrated Cessna Training Designed in collaboration with Cessna, these innovating training sessions are full training sessions that incorporate floor and flight training and take you from zero to your new certification or assessment. Every Cessna course is always up to date and available wherever you have a fast web access or can take your Cessna course on your iPad - even when you are out!

Their online Sport/Private pilot course, designed in collaboration with Cessna, is web-based and contains flight summaries that you can download.... The Cessna Instrument Online Ratings course makes it easy to get this important assessment. Clear for Hire online course is a full preparation course for your flight training in one.

With this course your multi-engine training will be more safe, entertaining and effective! Clear for Flight Instructing is a floor training course and a preparation course for flight training in one.

Online-Cessna flight training system now available for all flight training courses

New Cessna Instrument Rating Kit includes MyClip legwraps, intermediate shelf for instrument clip, customized lens cleaners, Cessna pin and Garmin Pilot one year upgrade. 12 April 2018, SUN'n FUN - Lakeland, FL The latest on-line version of the Cessna Flight Training System, which has been helping hundreds of millions of pilots reach their targets for years, is now available to all flight training centres.

Builds flight and flight surveys into the on-line curriculum and makes sure that learner learners and their Instructors know what they have done, how they are doing it and what comes next. Every course contains a preview of every flight hour, a primary and an exam section. The free iPhone application, which allows learners to learn, get ready for flight hours and track their flight advancements, is particularly appreciated by drivers when they are off-line.

Lecturers have their own application that allows them to use their iPhone or iPad to check students' progress and take flight hours even when they' re off-line. Air training supervisors have privileged entry to a variety of annual reporting to monitor the operating state of their flight training center. Cessna Flight Training System has developed over the years and was initially used only by Cessna Pilot Centers.

Now all flight colleges, aeronautical programmes at universities and even aeronautical classes at high school can use the system to assist their flight training operation and help their learner-pilots. Cessna' s flight training system comprises a series of Part 141 approved on-line training sessions that range from sport pilot and private pilot to instrument, commercial, multi-engine and CFI training.

"Flight schools using the Cessna Flight Training System can provide each client with a unified, high-quality training environment from zero experiences to the ability to make cash and spend instructor hours.

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