How can I Apply for Taxi Licence

Can I apply for a taxi license?

Learn how to apply for a new Hackney fleet or a private rental driver's license. taxilices Driving licence Hackney Carriage & Private Hire Operators are authorised for the purpose of passenger security and security. You are wearing tagged tags that include a license plate, photo and expiration date so you know they are duly licenced. Councillors and the policemen check them at the street. For the unlikely case that you need to file a claim about a licenced rider, please fill out the enclosed claim form or you can submit it there.

In order to be eligible for a license, they must: You have been in possession of a full licence for at least 12 consecutive month immediately before the date of submission of the request. Do not have more than 3 actual penalties on your VLA license. Hackney Carriage candidates must complete a topographic test for Gloucester City and the area.

Please browse and down-load the terms and condition in the Home Rental or hackney cargo license book: - Do you need to know the rules and regulations for landlords? - Down load the guidelines for IP and IP. In order to apply for or extend a license, please contact the Herbert Warehouse between 9.00 a.m. and 2.00 a.m. at the front desk.

The Council must ensure that the requester is an "appropriate" holder of a licence before a licence can be granted. In order to help the approving authority confirm your approval, all requests must be backed by the following items: Perform a review of the disclosure and blocking system by filling out an official request from the Council Offices and providing all required originals.

Driver must keep an extended register of convictions through the Council in order to apply for a driving licence for Hackney coaches or privately hired vehicles. Please refer to the Guidelines for further information on verifying the Penal Register of the Disclosure and Blocking System (DBS). Claimants who are unable to produce the proper identification papers to meet DBS Track One must agree with the Council to perform an externally verified ID verification at an additional cost.

In this case, please fill in the declaration of approval of the External Identity Test. You medical device must not be older than 3 month when it is filed with the regulatory authority. Medical must be filled in on the Gloucester City Council approval sheet, unless previous approval is obtained. Please dowload the instructions for completing the medical registration for a Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Drivers License or Hire Drivers License.

Here you can downlaod an app to take the test for Hackney-Cars. In order to agree on your test, you can either make an appointment when you submit your online registration using the appropriate reservation sheet or by calling 01452 396396 (please make sure you have your proof of purchase number at your fingertips as you will need it to make an appointment).

Applicants must pay the full amount of the fees at the time of filing and this can be done at the machine, which is also situated in the Council offices' primary receiving area. Requests cannot be processed until the proper charge has been made; a copy of the proof of transfer must be provided upon request to prove that the proper charge has been made.

You will be charged a registration charge for the CRC. Supplementary request forms:

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