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Empty taxi cabin receipt in Central Houston, Houston, TX with ratings That' good manners. Now Ive used them several time to and from the airfield. What's beautiful is that their prices are the same as on a taximeter. Superior kind, proffesional customer care. I commend this to everyone.

Punctual, clean, well-kept, kind, G.P.S. meter, very useful and competent, a very enjoyable one.

It is a very good taxiservice that I always use, mainly to the airports prices are fares, cleaner automobiles, and compared to other businesses believe that this is the best choice so far in Kinwood, Humble, Ascocita. They' re inexpensive, they work with people, they offer passenger transport that even Baytown Express Taxis can't offer!

Huston Taxi Cab Service | Houston Airport Transportation

Our aim is to offer you the best. We are the second biggest Houston based cab operator and currently run over 400 cars with a constantly fast and safe track record. Everyday we collect and bring locals to every part of the downtown area - at home, in office spaces, dining rooms, hotel rooms, doctor's visits, retail parks, food shops, to and from Bush Intercontinental Airport or Hobby Airport, sports facilities and more than you can number!

And Houston possessed and ran. As Houston Proud, we have been servicing the Houston taxis since 1967.

Taxi costs in Houston

As of March 1, 2012, the taximeter price adjusted by the City of Houston will be $2.75 for the first 1/11 and $0.20 for each subsequent 1/11 miles ($4.75 for the first and $2.20 for each subsequent mile). Persons aged 60 and over get a 10% reduction on the rates. The wait on the taximeter is charged at $0.40 per minutes ($24.00 per hour).

A $1 supplement will be charged on all journeys starting between 20:00 and 6:00. Please note: The chauffeurs are self-employed. Houston International Taxi Services: Travel to and from Houston International and Houston International and Houston International destinations is governed by the Houston City zoning regulations.

The passenger will be billed the lower amount of the reduced price per metre or shall be billed the area. Click here for a zonecard and information on zonecosts to and from the Bush Intercontinental Airport. Please be aware that under the Houston City Ordinance, all cab travel from Bush Intercontinental Airport is accompanied by a $2.75 supplement.

Click here for information about the Bush Intercontinental Airport. Click here for a zonecard and information on prices to and from Hobby Airport. Please be aware that according to the Houston City Ordinance, all taxis departing from Hobby Airport are charged a $1.25 supplement. Click here for information about the Hobby Airport.

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