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Check out flights to Málaga with Norwegian, Air Europa, SWISS and more. Benefit from our low fares for flights to Malaga, Spain (AGP). Discount flights to Malaga from £31 Málaga is the centre of the "Coast of the Sun". Be it the soulful tappas that make your flavour bud dancing with pleasure, or the heartbreaking emotions in Picasso's pictures, Malaga is overflowing with souls. On the Costa del Sol not everything revolves around Malaga.

The Marbella is a glamorous children's park, while Nerja and Benalmadena are traditional Spanishs.

Don't let Málaga's uninterrupted night life take your mind off what this fascinating town has to offer to you. Malaga Cathedral is the proud guardian of all those who walk through the town' s pristine roads, while Picasso's native town pay tribute to him every step of the way: the Picasso Museum is an indispensable spectacle. Malagueta Beach attracts solar worshippers from the town with its lovely, apparently endless beaches of sand, while climber walk along the edges of the stunning El Chorro gorge or take the intoxicating "King's Path" that floats high above its yawning lips - nothing for weak hearts!

No matter whether you opt for a delicious meal or a picnic in a chilinguito (beach restaurant), Malaga's kitchen is a fountain of locals proud. As soon as you have drunk and ate, bask ed in the sun, explore, shop, marvel and eat, the moment has come to immerse yourself in and enjoy Malaga's notorious night life.

We have cozy taverns and stony tapas pubs that call to those looking for a peaceful beverage and a piece of Malaga but there is another side of Malaga. There is no squash to be seen at noon, as the inhabitants of the town meet every winebar, every restaurant, every nightclub and every place for concerts in the town in their bouquets of joy.

One does not have to be a lion in a celebration to savour Malaga, but the finite soul has never won the beautiful town. Only a few kilometres from the international aerodrome (about 30 miles), Marbella welcomes the wealthy and celebrities who want to live the night life, drink in the bar and do business. If you want to see Marbella, but the flight to Malaga is not perfect for you, please see our page about the closest Marbella international flight stations.

Benalmadena is a holiday destination with good year round climate and the name Costa del Sol. Benalmadena together with Nerja provides an overview of Andalusia' cultural heritage eastwards from Malaga. Streamlined alleys and white painted homes give a genuine touch of Spain. Benalmadena is a must for the whole population.

Cueva de Naerja, or the caves of Naerja, are one of the most famous touristic destinations in Spain. As with Marbella, if you want to go to Malaga but don't have flights directly to Malaga, check out our airport page for tips on other destinations and where to get directly from the UK.

When is the best moment to make a flight to Malaga? Make your reservation 7 week before your planned trip to Malaga, especially if you want to make some money savings. If you are ready, you can get 12% off the median fare for flights to this part of Spain. When you have scheduled your flights to Malaga International Airports or are in the process of picking someone up, please review Malaga International Airports arrival information online.

No matter whether you arrive in Malaga later in the evening or depart early in the day, a stop at an international airline can help relieve your travelling comforts. Málaga has a large choice of nearby Malaga airports close by, here are some of our most popular Malaga airports that will help you find the accommodation you are looking for.

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