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Tax, accounting and consulting San Joaquin Valley and the Denver metropolitan area. Single and corporate tax consulting and accounting As a company committed to building life-long relations that enable you to be successful in financial terms and to meet the challenge of the fiscal and legal environments, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service. Our staff consists of experts who are proud of their work and have assisted innumerable companies, individual persons and family members on their way to long-term prosperity. Our main activity is to plan and comply with taxes - for companies, private persons, family, trust and inheritance.

<font color="#ffff00">Brian K. Winter, <font color="#ffff00">CPA

Winter quickly made a name for himself as an avid consultant to innumerable clientele in the law office, following in the steps of his dad Kevin. Many years of professional development have led to an interest and knowledge in small enterprise consulting, helping a wide range of companies such as health care providers, small producers and property specialists to create smart taxation schemes that meet their individual needs.

Mr. Becker has extensive management expertise in the management of merger and IPO transactions for $200 million of client revenues. Among his main areas of expertise are property management, business development, commercial management, marketing and production. In addition, he has many years of international business management expertise as controller for banks, advertisers and e-commerce firms, where he advised on several company purchases and consolidations.

He has a wealth of expertise in fiscal matters, including person, person and corporation taxes, and specializes in small producers, property and business service providers. Ms. Henning has expertise in the areas of company and single income taxes, company accounts and fiscal compliances. Cathy Winter has mastered an extraordinary amount of the judicial bookkeeping procedure.

It has nearly three decades combined accountancy service delivery expertise under its management. Your judicial bookkeeping will be professionally and clearly compiled with all supportive timetables and documents that remove or minimise time-consuming appeals by the courts due to inappropriate formats or insufficient clarity. It has many years of priceless experiences.

Ms. Henning's experience in the areas of Business Administration, Accountancy and Quickbooks allows her to support customers in all their accountancy needs.

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