Alaska Airlines Fly to

Airlines fly to Alaska

An Alaska Airlines flight is worth choosing even more when you fly through one of its hubs. Multiple Virgin America core routes flying away from SFO, LAX. Changes to Alaska Airlines' Change and Cancellation Fees.

The Alaska Airlines' first flights flown by two Afro-American ladies receive a big round of applause. Alaska Airlines is the first airline in the world to offer this service.

Alaska Airlines boarded aboard a plane at the beginning of this weeks journey, as it was the first of its kind to be controlled by two Afro-American wives. Wright shares a Facebook mail with the skipper, who stands in front of the first officer Mallory Cave and addresses the aircraft before the plane from San Francisco to Portland, Erz.

"Eventually... share a rather interesting bit of Alaska Airlines story this morning," she said to travellers. For the first year in the Alaska Airlines story, you will be led by two Afro-American aviators. "You' re writing [history] this mornin' whether you're up or not," Wright teased when the airliners started applauding.

One of the passengers then asked the two drivers to take a photo and they were happy to follow. An Alaska Airlines agent was not immediately available to make comments, although the carrier shared Wright's contribution on its Facebook page. "Story in flying," the air carrier called the mail. Bessie Coleman, the first female male to obtain a pilot's licence and fly a plane in open air, was also referred to by the carrier.

"What Bessie Coleman began in 1921, we are continuing here," said the carrier. The supporters also congratulated the airlines and pilot, although some were wondering why the days didn't come before. The Alaska Airlines landmark mission follows a similar landmark for Southwest Airlines in October, when the carrier celebrates its first "unmanned" mission - one with a purely women pilot and escort team.

Southwest' s important October flights were well received on Twitter, although some found it strange that this turn of events did not take place earlier. "Good God, it's 2017 and that's a FIRST?" a Twitter fan commented.

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