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U.S. Airways, but understand that this is a very complicated itinerary to get to the ticket.

OneWorld Explorer ticket makes sence?

OneWorld Explorer ticket makes sence? Gardyloo presented the RTW -Ticket to me, namely the Oneworld Explorer, in the course of our possibly first Africa journey (thanks Gardyloo!). Granted, I had very little previous experience of how these kinds of ticket work and didn't think it would suit my interests until now.....

Furthermore, in November 2015 and 2016 and / or August 2016 we would like to stay a few extra day in Europe or South America. Since my journeys are longer than one year, I would like to ask for your opinion as to whether a part of it on a LONE ticket would make commercial sense or not (I am thinking only of economy class).

I read about the possible advantages of launching the ticket in Japan or South Africa, but I'm unsure about that. Myplatinum status is AA, and I can use AA or UA points to place from Japan, South Africa or anywhere else. You know, I'm a big Oneworld Explorer enthusiast, but it doesn't always make much of an entry level difference, so I'd first find out if it's the right one for you.

You may operate a combined 16 services but are restricted to four per continental flight except North America where you are permitted six (only one of which may be a non-continental non-stop flight such as JFK-LAX, MIA-SFO, SEA-PHL, etc.) There are other restrictions for long-haul services within Europe/Middle East from London and trans-continental services within Australia.

Ticket pricing varies greatly according to where they are purchased and started/finished, and the very strength of the US dollars has made ticket purchases surpriseingly inexpensive when purchased and commenced in a country where the domestic currencies are low against the US dollars. So, the way I go about it (and most of the hobby shoppers of these cards - a small percentage that I am informed of -) is to launch the card in a "cheap" place, then go back to the U.S. (if that's where you live) and get back to work or whatever, then move on to the next goal or set of goals before it ends up back where you began.

So, to get back to your plan, a large portion of the value of the ticket could come from your plan within N. America, during the intervals between long-haul itineraries. Long week-end in the lAC or Central America? The same ticket is valid, but only with a different end and starting point. Let us now look at the tariffs of our businessclass, the same points of origin:

Now, these are snapshot-in-time tariffs; Oneworld can and wants to adjust the tariffs on a periodic basis (not all at once, more from state to state ) and of course exchange rate variations have a big influence. As you can see, however, the start of the journey - in the business sector - in the euro room will save about half as much as in the USA, or 2/3 in South Africa.

4-Continent Bus Clas Ticket purchased in South Africa is less than 4-Continent Bus Clas Ticket purchased in South Carolina. It was my idea to create something like a 2 or 3 year "master plan" and see where V. Awards payed ticket come into the game. In addition to the apparent difference in the level of convenience, as an AA Plat you should also consider the advantages of AA Plat with regard to your miles earned.

Featuring the Classic Services awards you receive for your US and US Business classes and your Plat 100% Points Award, it's simple to accumulate well over 100,000 points on a normal 4continent OWE Classic Series. LONEx routes make less money, sometimes nothing for L-bucket reservations (e.g. on Cathay Pacific), so if you plan your finances as part of a itinerary, don't deduct the value of your accrued airline mileage over the itinerary.

If, for example, you plan to travel to Japan and Australia in 2017, you might be able to use the mileage you would collect in an RTW 2015-2016 instead of trying to bretzen it into an RTW ticket. Alternatively, do what I've done in the last ten years, do a full scale RTW in the first year, then get away from the mileage you' ve collected in the second year, and then do it again.

Calculating the miles pay flight, it worked out for me that a $5500 DOE4 commenced in Cape Town resulted in 20 or 22 top or bottom flight in the next 24 month, with an avarage charge of $275 or so. Game with the Planning and Booking feature at Oneworld - https://rtw.oneworld. com/rtw/ - just to get a feeling for prices and routeting.

Somewhat laborious to draw them; generally, the LONE tariffs in lower-cost counties will push around 400 to 500 dollars per extra continental, in more costly counties nearer 800 dollars+. For example, a MONE6 in the USA is $7999, in South Africa $2433. BUSINESS tariffs in the less costly ones fall by 800 - 1000 $ per continuum, in the more costly ones by 1200 - 1500 $+, e.g. in the USA aONE6 is 14.099 $, in South Africa 66662 $.

With the Oneworld Reservation Tools you can view the current rates inclusive of tax and charges simply on-line (just don't enter your major key until you' re done rinsing Kilobucks). Do you have to prebook all your ticket sections on the ticket or could it be at your discretion?

Do people know how to bypass the BA YQ when JNB-IAD is the first section (everything seems to go through LHR)? It is necessary to make all flight bookings when you buy the ticket, but you can modify the data later free of charge or modify part or all of the route for a $125 lump -sum "re-edition" charge (Of course, any changes to the route must conform to tariff rules).

ABA and Qatar have a single market for SA to Europe flights. Unfortunately, the Oneworld utility has a flaw that does not allow you to specify Qatar for the first part. When you travel through BA with your ticket, you will be drunk with BA YQ throughout the ticket; the best option is to contact American Airlines' General Sales Representative in Cape Town, Mindpearl Ltd.

with AA ticket numbers. This will not prevent BA YQ on the JNB-LHR sector, but will help to reduce YQ for the remainder of the itinerary. One of the simplest ways to prevent additional charges on JNB contingent compliant ticket shipments is to travel from JNB on Cathay Pacific to HKG.

Please be aware that you will not be able to return to Europe on the return journey from Joburg through Europe. Thought one of the ticket regulations was that you could travel from Africa through Europe to say North America, as long as it is a stop and not a stop, and then you could go to Europe on the way back to Africa.

However, we cannot work out the best logistic routes and may therefore have to make simple returns as well. These are BAFs and we would rather use the OW Explorer. In general, Tibetan Tourist Information (RTW) passes are ideal for making long journeys such as Australia or Easter Island etc. more cost-effective and somewhat less effective for short journeys such as West Europe to Moscow or even the USA.

Also, since they demand that you traverse both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans in the same directions, i.e. from East to West or from west to East, it would be difficult to combine the North American voyage in May with the SE Asia voyage in September, unless you wanted to stay in North America for several month before heading further to Asia in a western Pacific voyage.

Not infrequently, there are cheap European to North American Business/Level Business Flight schedules in early and late summers, so I would probably rule out North America from any route on my R&TW network and look for traditional travel ticket next year. I would then watch as I combine the journeys to Southeast Asia, Australia and Easter Island into one single VRT that will begin next year and hopefully last long enough to incorporate your 2017 schedules into the ticket's lifetime.

Let's say, for example, that by September next year Japan will still be a relatively cheap place to launch and end BP class GTWs. You' d be flying to Japan to get the ticket, then to Singapore and Thailand, then to Portugal. The following year, but before the expiration of 12 month after the first plane ride, you go to South America to reach Easter Island, then via the South Pacific to Australia and then back to Japan to finish the ticket.

Probably you would have made enough Avios or points to pay for the return journey from Japan at the end of the game. I' m just tossing around some goodies. It was also hard for us to integrate North America into the mixture. We' ll keep this as a seperate journey and try to work on the Australia/Far East concept.

While I know there is going to be a little too much and too much, I am interested in looking at the total cost to be able to match it with simple air fare returns and also try to accommodate four hauls in one ticket. Indeed, there are many "back and forth movements", especially the circles in the Karibik in January 2017.

You will need to travel both the Pacific and the Atlantic in the same directions on your travels, so once you are back from Portugal in September, you will not be able to use your ticket to travel back to the other side of the Atlantic. If you are dealing with traditional Tibetan ticket services, there are also some problems with your goals.

Firstly, if you want to travel to Easter, the only coalition that serves IPC is Lan, an oneworldirline. Oneworld does not, however, have any member companies flying to Fiji, so the inclusion of Fiji and Easter Island in the same route is a novelty. Secondly, your target roster would likely surpass the kilometer limits in any Star Alliance offering, which already costs much more than Oneworld offerings, meaning you will be abandoned with Oneworld Explorer as the only available use.

However, if you want to begin in Egypt, which is located in "Europe" for the purpose of Oneworld TTWs, and then end up in Africa, this is not allowed, as you would have to cross Europe on your way there (from North America). With very few exemptions - which are not included in your route - you cannot "re-enter" any of the continents after you have departed.

You would leave Europe from the beginning if you started in Egypt, so it would not be possible to go back to Europe on the road to Africa. My suggestion would therefore be to consider your route with the idea of beginning and ending in Africa and not in Europe. This way you can go back to Portugal from North America and lie down until you want to travel to Africa.

You would still have to foot the bill for the Karibik holidays seperately (or choose a place in "Europe" that is bright in January - maybe the Red Sea?) and I would definitely do Venice alone. Here is an fictional route that begins and ends in South Africa - http://tinyurl. com/hdq8d53 . I have also involved Mauritius on the way back to Joburg at the end of the journey.

That would be a five-continental Oneworld Explorer, with a basic tariff of today around 4500 US dollars plus probably another 1000 US dollars in tax and surcharges. We' re starting to be able to use the One-World Routing tool, but sometimes we find ourselves in trouble. Are we looking for first class travel, but does it make more sense to do this?

  • as you cannot use Oneworld to go directly from Africa to India. That' only 11 of 16 possible sectors, so you have the opportunity to add three sectors in North America or four within Europe or a combo if you want. The above option would only give you first rate ticket availability on five of the five flight options (HNL-LAX-SFO-JFK-LHR-JNB) and since you are booking your top flight ticket on HNL-LAX-SFO anyway (as it is not available on Business), you would be paying the additional cost of only three flight options, which I don't think is profitable.

Gardyloo... I'm looking at an RTW voyage and have several issues. From September or October I flew MEM > JNB and from there I went to Hong Kong - Narita - Sydney - Auckand - LAX - MEM, where I came home and stopped my journey, probably somewhere towards the end of December or January.

Is there any way around this trap? Changes to the date are free, so just enter "dummy" data into the scheduler and as soon as you have a ticket and the current data is open for reservation, you can convert the data into your current state. Living in Uruguay (South America). Have you any clue in which countries in South America RTW is less expensive?

Living in Uruguay (South America). Have you any clue in which South American countries RTW is less expensive? Throughout South America, fares are the same regardless of where you buy your ticket. Rates begin at $4050 plus taxes/fees for Economy and $10229 for business classes, approximately $1250 and $570 less than the same ticket purchased in the U.S., Mexico or Central America, respectively.

This still makes them about 1300 $/2600 $ more expensive than in most European countries. Would it be better to leave Johannesburg? Is it easy to buy your ticket in Cairo, too? I' d love your support. Indbela, yes, if I were, I would definitely get started on Joburg. The " basic rate " is not only lower than the initial rate in Cairo (about 800 pounds per person), but also the charges and tax will probably be lower.

Furthermore, the ONEWORLD on-line reservation service is not able to book routes where either Royal Jordanian or Qatar Airlines is the first carrier to fly; it depends or has a kind of confiscation that makes it unbelievably Frustrating to use. Ticket policy limits you to four sectors within the source continents, but the main issue you face when you start in Joburg is that you can't re-enter your source territory until the end of your journey.

One could not take off from Joburg and return from Mauritius; one would have to go to London, which would then spoil the further journey. Begin the RTW ticket in Joburg by going to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific, then Delhi and back to Hong Kong, then HKG to New York, down to Barbados, across to London (and I suspect a long stopover there or down to Portugal), then end it with a flight from London to Mauritius, then to Joburg to end it.

Notice that if you begin somewhere in Africa, you can end anywhere in Africa, so you can end up in Mauritius. Or, if you started out by flying to Joburg and did the LVI and MRU outside RTW (with points or cash), you could end up in Nairobi at the end of the itinerary.

If you make JNB-HKG the first ticket on your ticket, you will probably get the tools to work, and since the ticket is for sale by Cathay Pacific (as the first airline), you will probably be avoiding several hundred pounds of British Airways supplements that you would be adding to the entire ticket if BA were the first airline (e.g. CAI-xLHR-NBO).

My, 1 Version: 2 Version: Note that both of my tours would keep multiple qualifying sections on the desk - up to two in Asia, three in North America, four in Europe/Middle East... a grand aggregate of 16. Yes, Oneworld Explorer from South Africa has seen a significant increase in price two week ago.

It' not just BA, it's all Oneworld Carrier, although Americans haven't yet upgraded the tariff on their GDSs. and you couldn't drive through AA anyway. 1- Prices have not been raised from Namibia and you can use BA/Comair or South Africa to position your aircraft in Windhoek.

2- Egypt is now a less expensive starting point for Oneworld Explorers (in US dollars, euros and GBP) than South Africa, and if you didn't have to travel to Africa on this journey, you can buy a 3-continent OWE from Cairo (although the 4-continent ticket is only 200 US dollars more than the 3-continent ticket, so an outstanding value).

A 3-continent variant would still offer you 16 frequencies, so you would have more opportunities in Asia and North America if you chose. Or, you can still buy a 4-continent ticket and either South America or Australia can be added to the mixture. With its origin in Europe (of which Egypt is a part) you would be restricted to two stops in Europe, so this might necessitate a reorganisation of your plan.

You think we have to redeem this ticket in Namibia? Oneworld is so desperately flawed, and Oneworld is so unaware of its flaws - that you end up hitting your face against the walls. Honestly, I would call one of them (I use Skype to keep costs down) and see if they can provide tickets to any RTW.

If you are using TOs that are not familiar with a RTW, one of the tricks you should use is to make the route as easy as possible, e.g. WDH-JNB-HKG-JFK-JFK-LHR-JNB-WDH, then you can modify stations, times, itineraries etc. for only $125 after ticket purchase and any changes to taxes/fees using any of the airlines in the Allianz.

Get a ticket for BA ex-WDH, and after the first ride get in touch with BA in, say, South Africa or the USA, wherever, and reissue the ticket with all changes. One-world has abandoned the request that RTW passes must be bought in the home state. For example, if you want to begin your journey in Namibia or Egypt because the cost is a small part of the US cost, you can call the AA RTW counter in the USA, have the ticket booked, set the cost and take your plastic to pay without having to talk to anyone in Windhoek or Cairo.

Now, you still have to come to Windhoek or Cairo to begin the journey physical, but you have your ticket in your hands when you do, so it could just be a turnaround - landing in Windhoek, go to the departure area and get right back on the first plane with Oneworld Explorer.

Before we launch our RTW, we are determined to begin in Africa, just as we will be in Mauritius. Over and over again I looked at the OneWorld location and put together different travel routes when we thought we would go to Japan and then Singapore and then take a Middle East cruising trip and go home.

It' s a great concept, I think, but we eventually chose to just go from Europe to Japan while we are in Europe next year. That much about going around the world, I suppose. So we have at last reserved our trip to the dessert (wink) and are looking forward to an interesting 2017 with visit to America, Far East, India and of course the famous African Mountains.

Well, I sure as hell wish your journey was madness. We will wait for the travelogues, which I am sure will be available shortly. Every view about which one of the best tickets for TTW is best suited for these goals. While I was considering One World explorer 3 continental one, every single times I look at it online, the flight is not available for next year, and if I choose to randomly select data this year, it seems to be a bad dream utility I can use, so I give up.

Yes, the Oneworld on-line ticketing service is desperate; despite many inquiries to Oneworld to fix it, they seem numb and disinterested, so most will find an air carrier in the alliance that knows what it's doing (usually American Airlines in the US, Qantas in Australia, BA in the UK and Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong) that books and issues the ticket, or in a few cases an expert ticketing agency that can trigger it.

Concerning your intended journey, there are some issues that would not allow the use of an Oneworld Explorer of the type you are currently planning, in particular the absence of an appropriate flight between New Zealand and Tahiti and between Tahiti and North America. For Oneworld Explorer to work, you must remove Tahiti from your route (perhaps adding it as a separate New Zealand or Australian trip).

You would still be traveling as a 4 continent journey even though you are flying over Asia; it is one of the points usually. However, with the Oneworld Global Explorer RTW-Ticket, your journey can be carried out, but with some changes in the order of places you visit. In contrast to the Oneworld Explorer, the Global Explorer is kilometer-based, with performance levels of 26,000, 29,000, 34,000 and 39,000 flying mileage.

Please be aware that with GlobEx you are counting the mileage between the points you have typed against the limit, even if you use land transport for them. From London, a 29,000 mil-long Global Explorer of £21,000 has the same basic fare as a 4-continent Oneworld Explorer. GlobEx only provides 34,000 mileage level in your Traveler' s Standard Course, which is the same fare as the OWE 4 -Continent Traveler' s Standard Course.

The Oneworld Explorer and its missing kilometer limits allow you to replace Hawaii with Tahiti or anywhere in the Caribbean, or anywhere in Asia (Bali? Sri Lanka? Maldives?) as you already pay for it, and still have a legitimate journey with much more travel options.

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