World Ticket Cost

Cost of the World Ticket

Buy World of Coca-Cola tickets in advance online, via your mobile device or at the box office. Three fantastic parks and a multi-day ticket mean you can see more. Per day" costs for tickets decrease if you buy for several days.

The Disneyland Amusement Park Tickets in Anaheim, California

The Magic Morning allows early entry to selected Disneyland Resort Parks amenities, shops, restaurants and entertainments before the parks become open to the general public. Good morning! To enter the Disneyland Resort Themenpark, each member of your group ( 3 years and older) must have bought a 3-day or longer ticket for the Disneyland Resort Themenpark before.

Ticket purchases made at the box office do not entitle the holder to Magic Morning. In order to improve the Magic Morning adventure, please get in at least one hours and 15 min before the normal opening of the parking. The Magic Morning Early Administration is dependent on uptime and is not in use every day. Valid dates and hours of operations and all other items, as well as the running of attraction, amusement, shops and dining and the appearance of characters, may be varied and changed without advance notification.

Reserved without limitation regarding capacities, cancellations and other limitations. Daily passes are now available until 31 December 2019. You must use multi-day cards within 13 workingdays after your first use or by 13 January 2020, whichever comes first. They are non-refundable, non-transferable and do not include activities/events that are charged individually. You may not sell or transfer your ticket for business purposes.

Ticket may not be sold on. It is strongly recommended that visitors verify access to the Disney MaxPass and other parking information before buying or using a Disney MaxPass parking ticket. Fast Pass choices for beloved rides may not be available at the moment of buying or using Disney MaxPass because the Fast Pass choices are restricted and there is no guarantee of being available.

Disney MaxPass is non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be cashed in. There will be no credits for a ticket upgrades for the amount of the Disney MaxPass features acquired through the Disneyland application after entering the grounds. When a Disney MaxPass ticket is updated to a ticket without Disney MaxPass functionality, you will no longer be able to make your Fast Pass choices from your telephone - please schedule your update accordingly.

Experiences that do not have available Fast Pass on a real Fast Pass device will not be available with the Disney MaxPass function. There may be no available Fast Pass choices for recreational purposes, and the Fast Pass choices available through Disney MaxPass are changeable without prior notification. Disney MaxPass is available only on the date of sale if bought after entering the grounds, or only on the date of use of the amusement arcade ticket if bought as part of the amusement arcade ticket.

Prices, policies and claims are changeable or revocable without prior notification. The Disney PhotoPass services are governed by the Disney PhotoPass General Business Agreement. Downloading is for the sole use of the Disney accountholder and may not be used for any business purposes. Reserved for limitations and changes without prior notification.

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