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Make flights around the world for your dream trip of the StudentUniverse. Journey to your favourite places with our cheap flights, perfect for any adventure! You can travel with SkyTeam Go Round the World Tickets. If you are ready to explore the planet, a Round the World tariff offers an amazing value and the flexibility to follow your dreams. Americas with a ticket around the world, it is always cheaper to start in the UK and land on the European mainland.

Booking a "Around the World" ticket at a travel agency if:.

New Zealand Air

On so many flights and carriers available to travelers with a world pass, we are always looking for the best choices that offer our clients a great selection of tours and destination as well as a great in-flight travelling adventure. Air Product Professionals recently met with Air New Zealand to ask them what's new for 2016.

You were quite enthusiastic about two of their new itineraries, which open up many new opportunities for our customers' travel..... From Auckland to Buenos Aires, this new straight line offers you the opportunity to explore South America and New Zealand with your World Tour travelcard. Here is an example of a circumnavigation we have put together for you, complete with this new Air New Zealand route:

Buenos Aires is the ideal destination if you want to continue exploring Argentina or South America, why not walk to Buenos Aires with our stop-over packages? Argentina is a great adventurer from the Buenos Aires Tangos to the Patagonia icefields.

With the 651 above we can help you schedule a journey that includes free trips, coach passports and genuine locale adventures as well as additional flights in South America to help you discover them. Coming from Buenos Aires, we can help you get a coach ticket to Argentina and beyond or to Rio!

We' ll always help you get the most out of your money and find the best itinerary for your itinerary. Do you want to find a itinerary, call us or ask for an offer by e-mail. This exemplary itinerary above leads to New York, the town that never slept - so why not use our New York stop-off packet first?

In a Nashville honey tone bars, click on the steps and take a tour of the Great Smoky Mountains or discover the state's historical estate cottages. Another option would be to go to LA and drive eastwards towards Houston. Would you like more room on long-haul flights? When you are a single parental (probably not on a round-the-world ticket!), you can now track your child's trip every turn of the way with Air New Zealand's latest innovative product - Airband?

Are you interested in adding one of these Air New Zealand itineraries to your travel route?

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