Jet Airways International Ticket Rates

International Jet Airways Ticket Prices

Headquartered in Mumbai, Jet Airways is the second largest airline in India. You can find out what is included in the ticket price and what it looks like compared to other airlines. On board Jet Airways We are proud to connect our customers with approximately 66 worldwide destination airports. One of the premier addresses for flights to the Middle East, Jet Airways flies to Jeddah, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Muscat, Bahrain, Kuwait and Riyadh. One of the world's most advanced fleet of aircraft is on display at Jet Airways.

They have been designed to provide greater passenger convenience, especially for longer journeys between targets. There are three different types of cabins: First, Premiere and Economy Classe. First-rate: I'll give you that: Get the most out of your personal room aboard the Jet Airways First-class cabin. There is also a luxury home suites with skylight, two slide door, home closet and more.

Those qualities make for a luxury and tranquil on-board adventure. On-board enjoyment in this category includes a 23-inch flat-screen TV with noise-canceling headphones. Prime Class: Premiere Classic staterooms give you simple entry to the corridor, regardless of your seating position, thanks to the unique Herringbone seating arrangement. And for added convenience, the range also includes a groundbreaking reclining flatbed enclosed by a private space mural.

The latest on-demand in-flight entertainments allow you to enjoy everything from TV shows and films to corporate messages in your own 15th birthday home. Uh, economics class: Economical Class is fitted with ergonomic seating, featuring ergonomic head restraints for the hanging mat, original footrests and the latest six-way head restraint for a convenient outing.

Designed for a complete immersive viewing experience, you' ll get a 10.6-inch touchscreen TV in this category. It is the best category if you want to take your child with you. Economy cabins on selected jets are fitted with weighing berths behind kitchens, toilets, bulkheads and cupboards.

In addition, you can enjoy delicious food on board all three cabins, rummage through the JetWings on-board magazines and purchase a gift from the JetBoutique retail book. Learn more about the audio-video entertaining programme during your JetScreen flights. Cancellations can be viewed here in the Jet Airways terms and conditions if you wish to do so.

Please refer to the Jet Airways Member Resources page for information on Jet Airways service offerings and other questions. Jet Airways free checked bags depend on a number of variables, among which are itinerary, plane model, air fare category, national or international flight category, and even JetPrivilege designation.

The First and Premiere Class may take one item of handbag up to 10 kg, while Economy Class clients may take one item up to 7 kg. Outside measurements for carrying-on items are 55 x 35 x 25 cm for all three categories.

Free luggage capacity varies from 23 kg to 40 kg. Acceptable weights and number of parts depend on your cabine category, the land you are flying from and your final location. The overall size of hold luggage, however, is 158 cm. More information on luggage can be found here in the Jet Airways Luggage Directive.

Jet Airways on-line check-in is another added value for passenger comfort. This feature allows you to choose your favorite seating location and send your Jet Airways Airline Timetable to your email inbox. Web check-in opens and exits depending on your aircraft type, your aircraft and your JetPrivilege pet state.

JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold members and travelers travelling in the Premiere or First Class cabins can use the Web Check-in function between 48 and 2 hrs in advance of their flight departures. If you are travelling in Economy Class, however, on-line check-in will be available within 24 and 2 hrs of your scheduled flight start date.

The JetPrivilege is the name of the award-winning Jet Airways airline programme. Collect your JetPMiles when you fly with Jet Airways or one of its airline partners. Cash in these mileage points to purchase reward airline ticketing and enhance your travel experiences. JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold members can also benefit from additional advantages such as preferential luggage identification and handling, extra luggage and lounging facilities.

Our committed staff will also take care of you every stage of the way, from making your reservation to verifying your Jet Airways PNR state. Our multi-city airline reservation function makes it easy to reserve around four tickets at a time and save yourself the trouble of having to reserve each ticket for you.

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