Airbus is

The Airbus is

It is a global aerospace and defence company known for the development of military and civil aircraft. Airbus is us It is an aviation and defence industrial forerunner. Leading in the development, manufacture and supply of aviation customer specific product, service and solution offerings on a truly integrated basis. Our goal is a better networked, more secure and more affluent underworld. Airbus is the biggest European aviation and spacecraft group and the world's leading producer of airliners with the business units Astronautics and Defence as well as Helicopters.

Building on its long tradition in Europe, Airbus has become truly multinational - with some 180 sites and 12,000 dedicated distributors worldwide. Headquartered in Asia, Europe and America, the firm has completed production line assemblies for aeroplanes and helicopters and has more than six-fold increased its order backlog since 2000. Airbus has always been driven by innovative ideas that promote cutting-edge technology and science to help drive forward the world' s development.

Airbus, through its predecessors, has developed many of the technology that contributed to the conquest of heaven and is now part of daily lives. And Airbus is encouraging its industry-leading professionals to realize their limitless vision and integrate the business into it. Subsidiary of the MBDA projectile system supplier, Airbus is an important Eurofighter Alliance member.

In addition, it holds 50 per cent of the shares in ATR, the turbo-prop aeroplane producer, and Airbus Safran Launchers, the producer of the Ariane 6 launch vehicle. The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee chair Airbus. Airbus governance at Airbus is designed to ensure that Airbus is run in accordance with our laws and regulations, and to evolve to achieve our objectives for continued expansion, to fulfil our commitments and to achieve our objectives.

Airbus' airliner line-up consists of extremely popular one-speed Airbus models from 100 to more than 500 seats: the single-aisle Airbus 20 Family, which is the best-selling airliner in airline histories, the long-range wide-body family, the brand-new A350 XWB Family of the next evolution, and the double-decker A380. Airbus' civilian business encompasses the twin-engine H145 and H160 as well as the mid-range M175.

It has a well-established foothold in commercial, missile and fighter aviation and related markets with flag ship capabilities such as the A400M, A330 MRTT and Eurofighter Typhoon. Airbus specialises in cyber security, protecting government, business and infrastructure from threat. With an important contribution to aerospace research and manned aerospace, Airbus is a leader in earth observing, navigational, scientific and telecommunication satellite manufacturing.

We at Airbus believe that not only what we make matters, but also how we make it. Our operations are conducted in an ethical manner, on the basis of Airbus corporate principles and in accordance with all applicable legislation and rules. Airbus has six keywords that help us not only to identify what we do, but also how we do it.

These are our basis and help our staff to relate to our business. Almost 55,000 Airbus staff have contributed to the definition of our values: Airbus employs over 130 nations and speaks over 20 different tongues - which reflects the variety of the worlds we inhabit and the customer we service.

Airbus operations, for example, particularly foster a balanced sex life, equal opportunities and cooperation between generations, while at the same time providing an integrated world. GEDC sponsors the UN Women's Empowerment Principles and the UN Standards of Conduct for Business for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and has created the GEDC Airbus Diversity Award to encourage more young individuals of all ages and background to enter university and achieve success in the field of technology.

It also promotes commitment and a stronger management structure. Airbus is fully aware of its responsibilities to breathe fresh air into its integrative corporate citizenship, and an Employee Resource Group (ERG) named Balance for Business supports an even more diverse workplace. In order to live up to our citizenship of the world and contribute to meeting our economical, societal and ecological needs, Airbus is dedicated to good corporate citizenship and to the objectives of the United Nations for Sustainable Development (SDGs).

Airbus is contributing to at least 8 of the SDCs, whether by enhancing the green credentials of our production and product range, ensuring secure and ethically sound operations, innovation for a better global environment or contributing to making our globe a more secure and wealthy place. Through the work of the Airbus Foundation, the company's staff and gear also help to support areas affected by disasters.

The Airbus Foundation's operations also form and motivate young individuals, thus securing the next generation of young innovators and innovators. Airbus also participates in young person involvement schemes such as the Airbus Global University Partner Programme and training schemes. Our Airbus Leadership University is one of the most important universities in Europe, and when new staff join our organisation, we help them develop, not least through the Airbus Leadership University, to develop tomorrow's talents.

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