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Contact details of the aircraft operator and fleet for the EMPIRE AVIATION GROUP. Dubai-based Empire Aviation Group has opened a new aircraft sales office in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Empire Aviation Group is a private aviation company headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

The Empire Aviation Group opens Arizona offices

The Empire Aviation Group in Dubai opens a new US aviation showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Empire Aviation Group, headquartered in Dubai, has opened a new aviation showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona. In the first 12 month of service, Empire is now aiming for 30 airplane deliveries in the USA. Gary Wright has been named Director of New US Distribution Activities by the Group.

The Empire Aviation Group was founded in 2007 and opened its first foreign branch in India in 2012. More than 20 planes are in service. More than 50 percent of North America's worldwide revenue is generated by new corporate jets and about 60 percent by the general aviation family.

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aviation empire

Emjet' fleet types3 G650 - Gulfstream 650ER Coporate Jet, 1 G450 - Gulfstream 450 Coporate Jet, 3 BD700 - Bombardier Global 6000 Jet, 4 BD700 - Bombardier Global XRS Jet, RA7X - Falcon 7X Coporate Jet, DA900 - Falcon 900EX Coporate Jet, DA2000 -1 Falcon 2000 Coporate Jet, HS125 - Hawker 900XP, 4 ERJ145 - Embraer Legacy 650 Coporate Jet.

Company charter and VIP aircraft management from Dubai. Latest update2018/06/07: Update of our fleet of German jets. Accept type -rated/type-experienced pilot application (on the Empire Fleet List).

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