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What is the cost of a taxi from the male airport to Maafushi? Late in the evening we arrive at the airport Male. At I´ve you can book a hotel in Hulhumale, but the transport the hotel offers costs more than the hotel itself. Maldives Airport Handling - Maldives Yacht Transfer - Maldives Transfer - Male City Ferry - Upper North Province - North Province - North Central Province - Central Province.

Taxis from Male to Hulhumale airports - Male Forum

Hello everybody, I just want to know if there are taxi cabs that are easily accessible from Male to Hulhumale airports. Someone told me about the taxi shuttle pick-up but I couldn't find any information or availabilities. I have a 6:30 plane. It should arrive at 6:30. I' m flying in around 9:00. Too lame. Makes me wonder if there's a cab or a local shuttle at this hour.

There will be a shuttle service from the Hulhumale International Station to the International Station? Shown in the coach schedule are seven day a week busses from the Hulhumale International Airports to Hulhumale (but some lunch busses do not run on Friday). It' weird that there are no taxi from the airports and if you see a lot of Hulhumale cabs, but they won't take you to the city.

Easy access to a shore taxi at Male International Airport - Maldives Forum

Before Male International Airport to Hulhumale are there landing taxes in the evening that are easy to reach? However, my worry now is that there is easy access to surface transportation? Do you want me to bite my lips and get the money for the transfers? I take it your guesthouse is in Hulhulmale? There is an urgent taxi company which is 150 kilometres from here and from where the ferry to Male departs.

Apparently you have to call the taxi company, so you are better off asking the guesthouse to organise the transfers for you, as we don't think there are cabs just sitting around for you. Yes, the guesthouse is located in the Hulhulmale. Are there taxi stands or counters at the airports that help tourists to call a taxi or similar?

This is because the $30-40 USD is required for the 10-minute shore transfers and I find it difficult to tolerate after paying so much for the floatplane. Perhaps on your arrival you will fall at the grace of an employee of an airport? Maybe you can also take a boat there.

It is a little round-about, but you could take a boat to Male and then from Male a boat to Flulhulmale.

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