How to get a Taxi in Italy

Getting a taxi in Italy

Taxi taxis should have a counter, which you should switch on absolutely! Make sure that the driver starts the meter when you board the car. Watch your money or indicate how much money you passed the driver. Don't fall for the "fares went up yesterday" line. It is not difficult to take a taxi through a city, but you must know in advance that in Italy taxis cannot be marked if they pass you on the road!

Can taxis in Italy accept plastics? - The Florence Forum

Can taxis in Italy accept plastics? Do you have to bring a great deal of money around in Florence and Rome or can you use your own bank account for most things like taxis, train tickets, food shops, etc? Can taxis in Italy accept plastics? It is possible to pay by bank transfer almost anywhere in Italy, especially in large touristic towns like Rome and Florence.

Nearly every eatery and store accepts credits or debit cards. Occasionally they may ask for a fee of at least 20 Euros. For taxis, I suggest that you ask for a payment via bank transfer so that you can be sure that you can make your payment by bank transfer. Few taxis are able to take credits and you will need to use them.

Can taxis in Italy accept plastics? Can taxis in Italy accept plastics? Be sure to always bring enough money with you so that it is not a hassle if a local eatery does not accept your tickets or if the vending machines are damaged when you make the payment. In Rome and Florence you will probably be well off, but maps may be less welcome in smaller places.

Visas and Mastercard are more widely recognised than other debit and debit card types such as Amex. Can taxis in Italy accept plastics?

In Italy, how to take a taxi and not get cheated.

In Italy, taking a taxi can seem like a kind of raffle. {\pos (192,210)}You could get a madman behind the steering wheels, you could get a kind, talkative pro-rider. Although they have a poor name, Italy's cabs are really no less than other major towns. A major difference to keep in mind is that you can't stop a taxi on the road.

Driver just waved their fingers as they passed. Look for taxi ranks all over town. They are identified by a clear orangesign on the taxiback. There is also a special feature where the driver can run their measuring device from the moment they take your reservation, not from the moment you get into the taxi.

There are often a few Euro on the counter when they come. When there are no taxi cabs at your booth, there is usually a telephone that you can call for a taxi. You just hold off for a few moments and a taxi should come. Ask the reception or the courier to call a taxi for you.

Make sure the taxi is registered at all times. It is advisable to make a note of the name of the drivers and the number plate that should be shown in the taxi on the front seat doors. Unaccredited cabs are usual and not secure. Make sure that the operator launches the gauge when you board the vehicle.

A few riders will "forget" the counter starting and at the end of the ride will calculate a much higher "estimated" fare for you. Riders won't have 50 euros worth of cash for changing, and even if they do, they probably won't tell you. They do not have to tip the driver more than round up to the next EUR, so small notes and coin will be very useful.

Watch your cash or indicate how much cash you spent on the car. I' ve listened to tales where riders gave a 10 euro for a 50 euro because they have a similar color and insist that the customer has overpaid. If you fly to Italy, there is a fixed area for registered cabs.

Don't indulge the driver you call when you get off. Those informal riders will demand more. Drive in the direction of the signposted taxi area ( also very close to the slip road ). Riders do not necessarily have to run the counter as it is a lump sum payment. Ciampino to Rome costs 30 ? and Fiumicino to Rome 40 ?.

When you get into the taxi, please reconfirm the location and the fare. Make sure that your taxi at the international airports is labelled with Commune di Roma and not Commune di Favoricino. Taxi fares 60 to Rome as they calculate the return journey to the city. After a 24-hour plane ride, who wants to worry about fighting with a taxi rider?

There is a 1? fee in excess of the taxi fare for each extra piece of baggage and for extra persons over 4 persons. Hopefully this will help you with your next journey to Italy. As a half Italians it is one of my favorite places, and capturing cabs is part of every adventurous experience.

You got any tales about taxiing in Italy?

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