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Tariffs and surcharges for Barcelona taxis F: How are taxi rates in Barcelona computed? Is the taxi rate charged by persons or by taxi? All taxi rates are charged with the taxi. Vantaxis are the only exceptions, where an extra surcharge per 4 persons is levied. Most of the taxi services in Barcelona (including van-taxis) are authorised to transport a max.

of 4 persons.

Some Vantaxis, however, have a specific licence to transport up to 6 people. When you need a taxi that can transport 6 people, it is best to call a taxi company directly to have one. As an alternative you can ask the taxi driver at the taxi station to get you a taxi with a licence for 6 persons.

It is possible that you have a longer waiting time, as only about 10% of cabs are allowed to transport 6 people. Surcharges at the definitive metre rate will be added on the basis of the following elements. Take a taxi at a taxi stand or reserve a taxi over the telephone. 6 ) Taxi journeys on certain holidays (e.g. Christmas day) between certain times have a surcharge.

Any surcharges will be shown on the taxi's front screen on the back of the cabin. If the taxi breaks, you will see the metre rate and then the taxi operator will push a surcharge key on the counter to raise the ticket rate to the end rate including surcharges.

It is recommended that you always ask for a receipts before leaving the taxi. It is useful for many purposes, not least if you have something to keep in the taxi, you have all the information you need to be able to pinpoint your particular trip. Then you can call the taxi service, give them the detail on the receipts and they can ID your belongings.

In order to get the taxi voucher in your language, say so: "ªQuiero un riciboº or ªQuiero un tiquetºº All authorized taxi operators are required by the laws of Spain to issue a tax invoice upon your solicitation. A taxi has a small engine that is connected to its taximeter and prints out all the information you need.

All you should do is buy the measuring device. The system displays the counter fare plus a surcharge amount. Violating the rule that the taxi rider demands more cash than indicated on the taximeter. In case you have any problem, please visit the following page, which will explain how to file an offical Barcelona taxi claim.

Submitting an offical complaints about a taxi in Barcelona. In case you loose a real estate in a Barcelona taxi, call the following number and include the information on your taxi receipt: Find a Taxi in Barcelona:

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