Helicopter Transport Services

Helicopter transport services

Corporate Helicopter Transport Services Inc. research & investment of information. North American Heavy Lift Helikopter Division Headquarters Headquarters. In order to move a helicopter, the most cost-effective transport method is still to simply fly the helicopter from the point of purchase to the destination. Helicopter Transport Services has added a new photo to Mike Hanson's collection.

Find out about information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews of helicopter transportation services in Aurora, OR.

Over helicopter transport services

Based in Aurora, Oregon, Helicopter Transport Services has one of the biggest and most diversified helicopter fleets in the business, with capacities from 800 to 25,000 pounds. Helicopter Transport Services, with over 40 years of expertise, provides turn-key air services to assist with borderline operations around the world, from the sparse Arctic of Canada to the most isolated areas of South America.

The Helicopter Transport Services division specialises in air fire fighting, air engineering and exterior loads as well as various services for the oil, coal and wood industries. Our wide array of skills and our comprehensive 24/7 assistance capability enable Helicopter Transport Services to perform almost any helicopter transport operation, anywhere, anytime.

And Helicopter Transport Services is proud to announce the building of its new Aurora State Airport head office in Aurora, Oregon. With this new plant, our US activities will be concentrated in a state-of-the-art 200,000 sq m large Shanghai hanging structure able to coordinate, accommodate and support the whole of our lorry and lorry fleets.

Works for Helicopter Transport Services: staff evaluations

I' ve learnt a great deal about choppers and their different parts and component parts. At Helicopter Transport Serviced, my position has grown from a debtor accountant/receptionist to an President's Executive Assistant, Mr. Luc Pilon. The Helicopter Transport division experienced a major surge in economic activity and worked in close cooperation with several different tiers of state.

It was a large accountancy element which comprised receivables, payables, contractual arrangements, staff reporting and closure books.

Hubschraubertransport Services

In order to move a helicopter, the most cost-effective transport is still to fly the helicopter from the point of sale to the point of use. It is known in aeronautics as a transfer plane. We have many helicopter transporters and helicopter transporters. While some are cheaper than others, this is always a side issue... Who do you trust with your plane?

So is the flier you hire a Cowboy who just jumps in and does everything you put in front of him? Is he part of a company with an excellent security experience that acts as a link between you and the vendor of the plane? In the end, this is a sevice where you get what you are paying for.

The transport crew ensures that the helicopter is 100% ready for use and organizes all necessary services to make the helicopter and helicopter secure for the purchaser. You should be confident that your carrier pilots exceed standards for security when buying an airplane.

Every one of our drivers takes great pains to ensure their own security and that of the plane. An executive flyer is in charge of every facet of the airplane and the lives of its occupants. When one of our drivers carries your plane, you don't just hire a driver, you invest in the futures of your plane and the lives of the humans who carry it.

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