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That'?s a report: The jets under consideration for 2018 will play in London. The Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars are in London this Sunday because the NFL wants to globalise their team. Can the jets make a voyage across the lake in 2018? ESPN's Rich Cimini says New York is under debate as one of the team that will make the 2018 London outing.

This means that there is a good possibility that the jets will play in one of these matches, especially given the new position of Woody Johnson as US ambassador to the UK. It seems at this stage that these discussions are provisional and it will remain to be seen whether the competition will be a home match for the jets.

These jets are no strangers in London as they travelled the route in 2015 to take on the Miami dolphins. This was a great journey for Gang Green as they got away with a 27:14 win.

Jetliners fly to London with a detailed schedule, and only for their laundry.

FLOORHAM PARK, N.J. - After arriving early Friday at Heathrow Airport, the New York jets will get off and turn off to the right for duty, where six routes will be dedicated to their 220-person team. In order to protect themselves later from misfortunes, the passes are picked up after the release by all, and then a brush of Virgin Atlantic agents will accompany the jets to seven busses that wait outside.

That will be the trial, because Aaron Degerness, the Jets' seniors management assistant, took this course in June as he made his second exploratory journey to London against the Miami dolphins at Wembley Stadium in the run-up to Sunday's match. Degenerness found out into which goal the airplane would go, which goal the crew would leave and where the jets would drop the group.

When the jets went home, he also found out that their sidewalk would wind past duty-free stores, and that worried him, if only a little. The jets have a way to deal with this unlikely case: When every gamer gets on the airplane, a Teamofficial will mark the player's name with a text marker.

Jets heard last November that they were going to gamble in London, and they have been spending the last 11 month scheduling about 65 hrs abroad, a company Degerness said was about tenfold the amount of work it would have taken to prepare for gambling in Miami. For example, if the jets had played in South Florida, they would not have had to put more than 5,000 objects - from corn and lengthening strings to gaze padding to bracelets - on a vessel containing provisions for all six N.F.L. crews set to London this year.

You can also find an industry scrubber that picks up dirty exercise clothes at one place and delivers them to another one. You can also take a flight to your London resort to watch the head cook cook the meal and serve it at your central office. Clay Hampton, who is the company's former SVO, began seeking guidance from colleagues with London -based crews right from the start.

Also, it involved thinking about whether to divide the daily lump sum into sterling or dollar (the jets stayed with the dollar). Jet's officers made two fact-finding missions to London. During their first trip at the end of February, Degerness and Hampton explored possible training areas and about six suggested hotel facilities.

The Bowles finally preferred a short break so that he could do the most crucial training sessions of the weeks on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the jets' training centre. If Bowles had wanted to spent a weekend abroad, as some crews do, the jets would have chosen a resort with training equipment - such as a dressing room, gym and plenty of room for meeting - on the premises.

The Degerness analysed how crews who had travelled to England had developed on the basis of the length of their journey and which accommodation they had chosen, and gave Bowles an account of his results, which had chosen to establish case series. These jets will be the first N.F.L. squad to spend the night at their hotels and the first N.F.L. squad to train at London's Irish Rally Clubs.

The N.F.L. is helping to support these practice by providing outdoor gear such as music boxes, pop-ups, and elevators to lift videocameras, as well as providing overhead projection and copying systems for conference rooms. However, the team develops the packing list itself. Both Hampton and Degerness worked with Gus Granneman, Gus's gear executive, who used to meet with his employees before the practice session to see how much clothing - and which - to take with him.

Considering the colder weathers, Granneman grabbed by the way robes and wrist warmer - things he said he never took into consideration and would never have again for a street match against Miami. Granneman met with dolphin and Atlanta falcon collegues, both of whom performed in London last year, at the March meeting of gear directors and asked them for help.

Jets are used to their tailors in Rutherford, N.J., and Granneman, who spent three years in N.F.L. Europe as Barcelona Dragons gear executive, knows he has to give detail directions. Mr Granneman said that something as easy as operating temperatures must be told to the dry cleaner in certain grades.

Mr Granneman and his crew were planning to remain late-Wednesday and arrange suitcases to be loaded onto a lorry at 8 a.m. on Thursday, and they were expecting to work at a frantic rate throughout Sunday evening as the jets returned home to Heathrow.

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