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Corporate consulting and assistance | Hackney Council

Hackney companies can be supported and advised by many corporate development agencies on a variety of matters, from starting a company or working for themselves, to developing sound financial and financial planning and developing efficient sales or trading strategies. You can get help through individual meetings, as well as via telephone, workshop or on-line assistance.

Below you will find contact details and a brief overview of organizations or initiatives that can help you get help for your company. The Bright Ideas Trust can help you set up a company, get insight into mental coaching and professional help with your deal. It is a invaluable resource for information on IP, consultation with professionals and professional trainings.

It is very important that companies are ready for an incident or disaster. All Hackney companies are encouraged to have an efficient BCMP. Learn how you can use your enterprise lifecycle planning to help your organization manage contingencies. Debtline provides free consulting to help your company cope with debts or money drain issues.

The CIDA ( Culture Industries Development Agency ) is one of London's leading creatives and culture development agencies and can help you drive your creativity forward. The East London Place provides assistance to help companies prepare tenders. Here you will also find information on corporate financing, assistance, grants and credits.

GANTNet is a ministry that helps businesses and local government organizations find financial resources. You have information about small businesses facilities and exceptions and can help you if you have questions about your corporate billing. The HBV Enterprise is an award-winning organization that supports individuals and businesses. It can help you in planning your ideas, accessing finance and leading your company to prosperity.

Hackney Co-operative Developments (HCD) works with Dalston-based companies to provide assistance and coaching to facilitate collaboration between companies and make the most of existing options locally and regionally. You have a great deal of information for companies with taxation or performance issues. The Hackney district's most important information resource on real estate and capital spending spending is Invest in Hackney.

You can help your organization locate sites and work with you, the Council Design Division, and other stakeholders to build effective design solutions. You can help your company develop in London by helping to explore possibilities and connect you with competent consultants. It is a community-based export services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking assistance in international expansion through export from the UK.

Businesses can collaborate and exchange information, guidance and assistance on exporting and entering the markets. Information, responses, advice as well as essays about Open to Exports are all compiled by the user, the user base, the user group and the main stakeholders of the website. It is a group of businesses that help its members evolve entrepreneurial accountability and solve some of the biggest issues faced by UK businesses.

CBI (Confederation of British Industry) is the UK's premier economic group. Joining them offers a number of advantages and influences that can help your company. FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) is the UK's premier economic group. The association supports the self-employed and small entrepreneurs and provides members with corporate service and counsel.

The Institute of Directors (IoD) is an executive member organization providing executive education and learning, executive education, executive education and facilities throughout the UK. To learn more about the Council's service to help you mitigate your corporate efficiencies and your carbon footprint in Hackney, visit: Job Trip Planner - a corporate governance instrument that helps develop and promote sustainability in your employee journey planning, thus helping your organization and your people save your organization and your people valuable resources.

Hackney is home to over 35,000 handicapped persons, almost 15% of the entire Hackney community. Economically, it makes good economic sense to make sure that your space and the goods and service you provide are available to persons with disabilities. Gender and Human Rights Commission's guidance concentrates on making your space physical while Invest Northern Ireland's guidance on accessibility and disability amenities also outlines how you can make changes to your way of doing things as a company to meet the needs of a disability.

The UK Handbook on the Employment of Persons with Disabilities and Persons with Disabilities provides all the information you need to employ handicapped personnel, as well as assistance with their careers.

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