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"He took us from downtown to Tempe and had a perfectly cooled cab. Air Cab is Arizona's first CO2-negative taxi service. The Arizona-based Clean Air Cab is a CO2-neutral taxi service provider and the second US taxi fleet to use hybrid vehicles only.

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The Clean Air Cab is an Arizona-based CO2-neutral cab services company and the second US cab hire company to use hybrids only. Located in Mesa, Arizona, it provides the Phoenix area with clean automobile transport services using clean automobile technologies. It is the company's primary objective to be an environmental company and to take measures to reduce the damages caused by environmental degradation while offering a dependable and competitively priced transport services.

L.L.C. Clean Air Cab was founded in October 2009 and is the first Beyond Green affiliate, L.L.C. Clean Air Cab is run and operated with a threefold corporate culture. All of this we do to foster what we have shaped as an ecologically co-ordinated client to become a true B-to-B offering.

As well as reducing emission levels, the firm is proactive in reducing pollution by "[supporting] the purchase of CO2 compensation and promoting worldwide afforestation by subsidising the plantation of 10 rainforest trees per month for each cabin in operation. "Our partner for CO2 reductions in the atmosphere are locally based and globally based Trees for Tempe and the Future and Carbonfund. org.

Tree plants are one of the most important methods of sequestering CO2, "because forests have a tremendous ability to take up atmospheric carbon", thus decreasing the damages caused by CO2 emission associated with transport. 7 ] Over 15,000 tree species have been transplanted and counted since 19 October 2009.

Clean Air Cab has initiated a program of communities cares from the beginning, which allows guests to make donations not only on symbolic dates or monthly periods, but around the clock, around the clock, for local communities' literacy, healthcare and regeneration. As of November 1, 2009, the special packaged "Pink Cab" will be donating part of its tariffs to Susan G. Komen for the cure.

In 2011, three further causes were added: In February, the Phoenix Children's Hospitals "PCH" was launched. Clean Air Cab sponsors the Pro Players Classics Charter in December 2009. The Clean Air Cab is an active participant in the Valley Metro's Adopt-A-Station programme to ensure the cleanness of urban railway station and promote the use of green transport.

She is a Clean Air Cab ist Mitglied der Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce und der Greater Phoenix Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Clean Air Cab One Community entered in February 2013 and became a signatory to the Unity Pledge, which requires equal opportunities for all regardless of workplace alignment.

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