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Find your routes and book a flight today. Grab a quick quote now to see how much your private jets cost. Book a flight from Teterboro, NJ (TEB) to Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia (YPS). Carriers around the world have developed a charter flight cost estimator. Would you like to charter a plane?

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Quote, we do it all through the day, every single workingday and we stand ready to quote your forthcoming journey right now. With our highly skilled and experienced Jet Charter specialists, you can rely on our support with your flight offers. Jet charter prices are offered at all times of the morning, without any obligation to buy.

If you contact us for charter prices for your own personal jet, we will ask you for the following: Please indicate the preferred airplane model or airframe dimensions. Their ranking of importance: airspeed, fare, age of the plane, height of the plane and temporal flexibilty. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to making you the Air Charter offer that makes the most difference to your enquiry.

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If you are considering a comparison of offers for chartering planes with your own personal jets, please consider the following ten points that could make a big change in your choice of offer; the biggest fee on your offer for chartering planes with a personal jets will be the price per hour for chartering the plane. Either the real flight elapses times or the blocked times (calculated from the moment the plane begins to taxi until it rolls) are used to calculate the per-hour rates.

Effective flight times begin when the airplane departs and end when it land. The lockout period begins when the plane rolls away from the loading dock and ends when it is parked at your final location. Differences between the two could mean up to 12 min on each stage, as the typical cab ride length at both ends of your flight is 6 min.

Check the estimate of the flight for each offer and the per hour rates. Several charter operators (and most of the fractional and jets suppliers ) are charging this extra in order to meet the increasing cost of kerosene. Fuelsurcharges were favored on privately chartered jets in 2006-2007 and 2011, when crude was traded at over $150 per barrell.

The extra fee can make a significant change in the stated price of your charter. You should take the additional charges for petrol into account in the individual airplane hours when making comparisons. Certain charter airlines levy a minimal flight fee for each flight hour on the days the plane is removed from its home bases.

As a rule, this is calculated with 1 or 2 hour at the price of the airplane. These are the costs of transporting the airplane from its home base to your site to begin your flight. Usually the costs for your charter are lower if you use an airplane stationed near your point of use.

Platform charges are the amount the Charterer is billed when using a privately owned fleet of jets or an FBO (Fixed Bases Operator). A number of charter companies use these words in an interchangeable manner or may group the charges into a single heading in order to prevent the offer for chartering privately from becoming too detail. Accommodation charges shall include the costs the pilot will incur if the aeroplane remains over night at its final location, such as accommodation, meal, rental cars, etc.

The Federal Excise Levy, or FET, is necessary to be charged by your charter operator and transferred to the IRS. These taxes amount to 7.5% of the entire fees for your flight within the country, excluding meals, groundhandling and other third partieservices. You will also see that FET is included in the offers for personal jets charter on your overseas travels if the final destinations are within 225 mile of the US border.

You will be charged per capita and per route on your home flight and transferred to the IRS by your charter carrier. Currently, per capita charges are $3.70 per capita for each route used. There are no sector charges when you fly from or to certain countryside aerodromes.

Currently, the airport charges $16.10 per person per trip for the segments. These taxes are only levied if your flight involves exceeding a US limit. Hiring a locally based ground handling agent to support your flight crews can save an enormous amount of valuable travelers' valuable experience as they usually help speed up your check-in to the destination state.

Handler can also make agreements with renowned locals for floor transport and food service as well. These ten words will help you to distinguish the offers you will get for your next charter flight. Do you need an offer for a charterer?

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