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Airlines flights from Alaska

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Odour nuisance causes airline personnel to redirect Alaska Airlines' flights from San Francisco to LA.

AN FRANCISCO - An Alaska Airlines plane from San Francisco to New Orleans with 136 passengers on board was redirected to Los Angeles International Airport after the air force discovered what the carrier called the "strong smell" in the cab. Begin your tag with the messages you need from the Bay Area and beyond.

San Francisco Chronicle reported that the aircraft was rerouted to Los Angeles on Sunday afternoons. Paper says the airplane lands safe and no emergencies have been reported. According to Alaska Airlines, engineers inspected the aircraft to find out what was causing the odor. In the meantime, passenger bookings have been changed to other flights.

Long before the new Alaska Airlines airport opened a Shanghai airport in Paine.

Alaska Airlines had a large Paine Field footprint before Boeing was here and before I-5 crossed Everett. Snohomish County was not able to fly passengers - a landmark anticipated in the near term as work on a new Paine Field air base continued. In 1948, however, Snohomish County Airport constructed a 40,000 square feet Shanghai hanger to be rented by Alaska as a service and repairs center.

"Built in Paine Field, the massive new $200,000 new hangar entered the finishing phase of construction," the Everett Herald said on July 31, 1948. Until the mid 1960s it became the place of work for Alaska's aviation mechanic. Today the former hanger of Alaska is a target for classic car enthusiasts. Paul Allen's Vulcan Inc. has refurbished and leased the premises, which opened as a permanent exhibition in 2008, from Snohomish County.

Dick Zengel, 84, began in 1962 at the Paine Field plant. First he worked in a tin workshop and later in airplane servicing in Alaska. Propeller Airports is now spending around 40 million dollars on the construction of the two-gate airport at Paine Field. Last months the herald said that the Federal Aviation Administration had launched an additional eco-audit in reaction to announcements of three airlines - among them Alaska - plan to operate up to 24 flights a night, in Paine Field in all.

"The 75-year-old Ray Hudslow said about Alaska Airlines commercializing out of Everett, "I never thought it would come to pass. In 1962, Paine Field hired Federal Way's son to work for Alaska. "This was before Boeing was up there," said Mr. Hublow, who became managing director in Alaska in 1980 and went into retirement in 1999.

Hudlow said the airline's Paine Field hanger was in operation until 1963, when the workmen were taken to Sea-Tac Airport. In 1966 and 67 it was used again by Alaska, while in Sea-Tac a new plant was constructed for the carrier. Some of the years of the hanging in Alaska overlap here with the Paine Air Force Base, which stood under this name from 1951 to the mid-1960s.

Hudlov said it was not uncommon for laborers in Alaska to "go across the field" to rent a piece of equipment or go chatting at the airport. In 1966, Boeing Co. chose its site just outside Paine field to construct its 747 Jetliner. Mr Hudlow was at work on 9 February 1963 when a Boeing 727 made its maiden voyage from Renton Municipal Airport to Paine Airport.

He said it was right next to the Alaskan hangar. Mr. Hudlow said that the aircraft maintained and fixed in the hanger comprised the "triple tail" Lockheed Constellation known as the "Super Connie", the Convair 880, the DC-3 and DC-4 and the T-28 Trojan Coach. One Super Connie was so big she had to be led into the hanger, Hudlow said.

Once Hudlow was aboard a Lockheed constellation when she was rolling in the mist of a Paine Field taxiing track and got caught in the mire. Alaska is now flying to Boston, Hawaii, Mexico and other remote places, Zengel is surprised. Remembering before the airlines were deregulated, there was a daily service from Seattle to Fairbanks, Alaska.

Alaska Airlines in January announces eight goals it is planning outside Paine Field: In 1960, Jesse Naylor, 77, was not long from Arlington High School when he began working for Alaska Airlines at Paine Field. He was co-owner of the Lake Goodwin Resort and had worked there in the summer before getting a position with the company.

"They didn't have a jet at the time," said Naylor, who remembered that after working with a go-kart, he would drive on a small stretch of road some way from Paine Field's taxiway. After retiring, he worked 20 years as an Alaska mechanical engineer and 22 years in executive positions. He' s married to a cabin crew. Pensioners said they were eligible for free travel on Alaska's internal flights.

What time will these flights depart from Everett?

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