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The top 10 places of interest in Vienna

Vienna, the Austrian capitol, has repeatedly been an important part of European society over the years. Perhaps it is because of its position in the centre of Europe that Vienna is such a unique place and is home to many famous persons and monuments that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe.

So it is not amazing that every year innumerable travellers travel to Austria to discover this singular town as a visitor. Vienna's world-famous Giant Ferris Wheel is situated in the Prater, the beloved theme and entertainment area. The Giant Ferris Wheel has existed in Vienna since 1897. Giant Ferris Wheel provides you with an unforgettable sight over Vienna.

If you visit Vienna, you should not miss the Hofburg.

Situated in the centre of the Viennese capital, it is not far from the other attractions. Opernhaus has 1,709 seating places and 567 stand-up places and stages operas for the audience every night. When you are in Vienna and do not have a ticket for the Opernhaus, the 567 stand-up places are the last choice.

St. Stephen's Basilica, affectionately called Steffl by the Viennese, is Vienna's emblem. The St. Stephen's Basilica is firmly anchored in the heart of many Viennese people with the Pummerin bells. St. Stephen's Basilica is situated in a central location and can therefore easily be reached on foot. 2. Visiting the Dome is very recommendable, especially in the evening when the rays of light set over the roofs of Vienna.

However, you should take care that an climb over the dome can also cause muscle soreness. In 1945, during the Second World War, the Duomo was severely destroyed by fire. Seven years later, however, St. Stephen's was re-opened and is still regarded today as a symbolic building for Austria's rebuilding.

The Donauturm is the highest tower in the Austro-Hungarian capitol and provides an impressing panoramic overview of Vienna. From a 150 metre high observation deck, which admires the town as a whole, you can admire the town' s panoramic views for a surcharge. From 1874 to 1883 the Viennese Parliament was erected according to the designs of Theophil Hansen, an arquitect who favoured the neo-classical school.

The Belvedere Palace is a wonderful palace with a backyard. It is a noteworthy architectural design that should be taken into consideration by every Vienna-goer. There are also two galleries in the castle: one on the first level, the Belvedere on the top level, where works by Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh, Oskar Kokoschka and others are on show, and one on the first level, where temporary exhibits are made.

The Belvedere Palace is an absolutely must for those who love Vienna. With 65,000 sqm, Stadtpark Wien is the biggest parking facility in downtown Vienna. Remarkably, Vienna splits the grounds in two, with many viaducts linking the two parts. Vienna's Central Cemetery is one of the biggest in Europe.

It is a truly stunning metropolis that has a lot to do. In addition to the 10 places mentioned above, there are many other attractions that show the story, arts, architecture as well as cultural heritage of the provincial capitol. Your Flughafentaxi Fly is available around the clock to ensure secure and convenient transportation from Vienna International airport to your preferred destinations.

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