Small Personal Jet

A small personal jet

eclipse 550 - your personal jet Operate an Eclipse 550 Jet. Eclipse 550, the new twin-engine serial jet from Eclipse Aerospace, offers first-class power, economy and security. Capable of flying at heights of up to 41,000 ft at a maximum speed of 430 km/h while using only 59 galons of petrol per hour, the Eclipse 550 is the world's most powerful twin-engine jet.

Get in touch with an Eclipse sales rep today. Just think of going to your Eclipse 550 and rolling off immediately to get to the goal of your choice according to your own itinerary. This is what ownership of an Eclipse 550 means to you. Eclipse 550 is the most economical twin-jet jet in the world.

Eclipse Jet's powerful features, which include only 48-59 gal of petrol per hour, mean you'll always get your money's worth every engine out. Would you like to safe your precious moments and your finances while still being able to enjoy your flight with strength, accuracy and security? This is the Eclipse Way. With Eclipse flight, you can span more than one city in a given tag.

Eclipse 550's integrated flight management system significantly cuts the pilot's effort and functions as a virtually invisible flight co-pilot. The Avio IFMS has an integrated flight management system, eMaps 3 and XM satellite weather. Eclipse 550 provides functions and technology that other lightweight aircraft can only imagine.

Functions that increase efficiencies to reduce operating costs. Eclipse 550 also provides the most rugged range of security functions available on the lightweight aircraft markets, all in the only twin-engine jet available for less than $3 million. Eclipse 550 base price is $2,995,000 with the following default configuration:

The Eclipse Jet offers enormous power at amazing costs with tight budget and the desire to do more with less. Eclipse Jet is the world's most fuel-efficient twin-jet jet and costs less to buy and run than any other twin-jet on the globe. An Eclipse jet's immediate operational costs are far lower than those of our closest rival and similar to those of many powerful turbo-prop jets.

Eclipse Jet has the cheapest initial investment ($2,995 MM) of any jet on the net, so you can reach jet speed at the initial investment value of a turbo prop! The Eclipse Jet has several hundred thousand less bucks than our nearest rival and will show the rest of the planet that you are handling your transport budgets carefully.

5 Year Eclipse Advantage Maintenance Routine The Eclipse Advantage Routine provides all the usual labour and part cost for necessary regular maintenance services, which include 300-hour, 24-month, 1,200-hour, 48-month and minor services such as cover testing, fire suppression and more. 5 Year Factory Warranty The Eclipse 550 Limited Aircraft Warranty provides coverage for all Eclipse 550 materials and manufacturing faults for a 5 year or 1,000 hours warranty time.

Offering a genuine cover and guaranteed dependability for Eclipse 550 users, this guarantee, which runs alongside Eclipse Advantage, provides the owner of Eclipse 550 with a real guarantee of service. P&WC Eclipse thrusters use less propellant per flying lesson than some jet aircraft rolling to take-off. Featuring the lowest total cost of ownership and fix yearly cost of all planetary aircraft (only $2.02 per sea mile), the Eclipse Jet will help you safe cash on every engine launch.

Eclipse Jet returns to the atmosphere on every flight. The Eclipse Jet uses such small amounts of gasoline to leave a minimum CO2 carbon footprint. Thus, the Eclipse Jet is a very low CO2-emission. Eclipse is also the only jet in the galaxy that has removed itself from Halon as a fire extinguishing agent (Halon is a lethal poison).

Eclipse 550: Check out the all-new Eclipse 550, complete with amazing new capabilities that make it the world's most technically sophisticated lightweight jet. By flying the Eclipse 550, you have the technology to make flying easier, reduce your pilot's work-load and reduce your risks.

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