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Brokers will help you plan, book and organise your luxury yacht charter holiday. What makes you think you should hire a yacht charter broker? As your broker, how we can help you book a fully occupied yacht charter and the benefits of using us. An enterprise or person offering charter solutions to individuals or companies for their travel needs. Advantages of using a charter yacht broker to book your next luxury yacht, motor boat, sailing yacht or catamaran.

A 'yacht charter broker' is your enabler for a sailing holiday that will be a success and an honour, with comprehensive sector expertise and first-hand luxury charter yachts around the globe.

Offering a wealth of sector expertise and first-hand experiences with luxurious ocean -going vessels around the globe, a charter broker is your enabler for a memorable and enjoyable cruise holiday. Every day a charter broker will research charter boats, crew and the charter boat charter business and can give you tips on every aspect of your charter, from the most appropriate boat to the best destination and routes.

You will also take part in maritime justice, contract and destination training sessions so that you are fully aware of the whole procedure, covering contract, policy and aspects of public policy that even the most experienced of charterers has to deal with alone. Charter Broker retailers work directly with the yachting liquor manager and, like a charter agency on your account, keep all the cash and safeguard the client's interests throughout the whole charter lifecycle.

While there are four major organizations that include MYBA, CYBA International, FYBA and AYCA, every charter broker from anywhere in the globe can charter any charter boat anywhere in the globe. While many charter brokerage firms are more than one organization, observing these four guiding emblems is an important starting point in determining the right broker for you.

Please read our full search and broker guidance for more information before you read our How to Plan and Book a Yach Charter to take the next steps in your holiday of a lifetime. Our full range of services are available to help you find a charter broker. Escape from the masses on your own luxurious boat.

sspan class="mw-headline" id="Licensing">Licensing[edit]

Yachtbroker is a specialized person who acts as a broker for selling or buying a vessel, whether it is a vessel or a vessel. Yachtbroker receives from the vendor an arranged fee for the marketing of the sold vessel, the interest on the spot and enquiries from purchasers, the negotiation, the participation in the survey and the test and finally, if successfully, the deliver.

The broker of a purchaser can help his customer find and qualify a ship and negotiate a sale, but usually receives no fee from the purchaser and instead participates in the fee the vendor pays his broker. Both of these rolls are known as Listing Brokers (representing the vendor and the ship) and Selling Brokers (representing the buyer).

Yachtbrokers must be licenced and bound in only two states (Florida and California) to safeguard the general interest, but the regulations differ in each state what is considered a "yacht". Florida requires a permit for any ship with a length greater than 32 ft (often referred to as a Length Overall or LOA) that is not your own.

To take part in the Florida ship selling of a ship of this magnitude, a candidate must file a deposit of $10,000 with the State of Florida, conduct a crime screening, include filing with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (often referred to as DBPR), and possess a current 2-year seller's licence before becoming a broker.

A $25,000 guarantee is required and will allow someone to start their own yachtbroker firm or become a broker of record for another person's firm. Only one broker of record per business, this is the individual in charge of monitoring all other sale people yachting activities and report to the State of Florida.

California requires a permit for any ship that has more than 16 ft of permanent length (often referred to as a Length Overall or LOA), but less than 300 G.R.T. (Gross Registered Tons), which is not your own. To take part in the sales of a ship of this magnitude in California, a single individual must file a US$10,000 loan to the State of California and possess a current California Division of Boating and Waterways (often referred to as DBW) licence.

As with FL., you must have a 2-year distributor licence before you can apply as a broker. CA. is the only state that actually demands that future sellers and agents take a two-hour paper test that has a passing rating of 70%. Chartered Yachtbrokers in the Netherlands are known as "EMCI Certified Yachtbrokers" AYB - Associated Yachtbrokers, EMCI - European Maritime Certification Institute, YBAA - Yachtbrokers Association of America, FYBA - Florida Yachtbrokers Association,

GCYBA - Gulf Coast Yachtbrokers Association, CYBA - California Yachtbrokers Association, OYBA - Ontario Yachtbrokers Association (Boating Ontario), CPYB - Certified Professional Yachtbroker Program, CYBA - California Yachtbrokers Association (Association mondiale de courtiers nautiques, BCYBA - British Columbia Yachtbrokers Association). Yachtbrokers are more frequent where it is more usual to go sailing; along coastlines and inland waters or in seas.

As in other sectors (e.g. property ), as a rule the broker's fee is payable by the vendor of the ship to an agent and negotiated in the run-up to the negotiations, usually a buzzword in a central (or open) market contract. Fee is either calculated on the basis of a firm result of the vendor (net) or as a percent of the sales value (percentage).

Usually, if the provision is expressed as a percent, it is 10% of the sales amount. At the moment, net contracts are becoming less and less popular and are hardly ever quoted by listed brokers. Whilst they may seem an appealing choice for vendors and work well for vendors in restricted situations, they are usually only available if the broker plans to earn more than the default 10% than their fee, or if less, it is unlikely that another broker would want to negotiate with a purchaser and participate in a fee that is lower than the default and anticipated amount.

Whereas the default fee is usually 10%, there are brokerage houses that provide the opportunity to trade and resell ships for less money. A few broker lists for comissions in the range of 3-5%. However, a reduction in brokerage fees may be the inadvertent consequence of the sale of Buyers-Brokers which otherwise would draw the attention of a prospective purchaser to the ship.

Although not customary in the United States, in some jurisdictions (particularly in Europe) it is not unusual for purchasers to make a "buyer's commission" payable to their selected broker to find a ship for the purchaser. Sometimes the word "yacht broker" can be mistaken for the word "yacht broker". Yachtbroker act as intermediary in selling boats and not in "renting", renting or chartering boats.

Charter Broker specialises in chartering fully occupied luxurious boats or smaller bareboat boats used by individuals for holiday. Sometimes one individual will perform both functions, but more often a business as a whole will perform both functions and hire both charter broker and broker.

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