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Can taxis in Italy accept plastics? - Firenze Forum Can taxis in Italy accept plastics? Do you have to bring a great deal of money around in Florence and Rome or can you use your own bank account for most things like taxis, train tickets, food shops, etc? Can taxis in Italy accept plastics? It is possible to pay by bank transfer almost anywhere in Italy, especially in large touristic towns like Rome and Florence.

Nearly every eatery and store accepts credits or debit cards. Occasionally they may ask for a fee of at least 20 Euros. For taxis, I suggest that you ask for a payment via bank transfer so that you can be sure that you can make your payment by bank transfer. Few taxis are able to take credits and you will need to use them.

Can taxis in Italy accept plastics? Can taxis in Italy accept plastics? Be sure to always bring enough money with you so that it is not a hassle if a local eatery does not accept your tickets or if the vending machines are damaged when you make the payment. In Rome and Florence you will probably be well off, but maps may be less welcome in smaller places.

Visas and Mastercard are more widely recognised than other debit and debit card types such as Amex. Can taxis in Italy accept plastics?

Italians taxi driver start application for competitors Uber

It Taxi is available at over 30 offices throughout Italy, among them Rome and Milan. Following the worldwide popularity of the driver's services, an association of taxi operators in Italy has introduced a portable solution for its clients throughout the world. It Taxi is a taxi booking tool that was released at the beginning of this week and allows users to find and reserve a taxi on their cell phone.

Developed by the URI (Unione Radiotaxi Italiani), the taxi drivers' trade association. Clients can either use their smartphone's on-site services or enter an adress to find the closest available taxi, which can then be reserved and billed over their telephone. It is currently available in several languages, among them Italy, England and Germany, and in more than 30 sites throughout the entire nation, among them Rome and Milan.

This free new utility comes just three month after taxi riders in Rome took part in a Europe-wide protests against a similar ministry, Uber. California's driver services were accused of keeping customers away from licenced taxi riders and causing an increase in irregularity. The developers of the it Taxi application say that their customers' enquiries are routed through URI supported taxi owners.

At the beginning of the year Uber was outlawed in Barcelona, Spain, while last weekend a Frankfurt tribunal lifted a prohibition on serving in Germany.

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