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Short distance price only applies if taxi is stopped on the street. Tariffs for taxis to Schönefeld Airport: Tariffs for taxis to Tegel airport: About? No, I won't! The 4 essential apps for survival in Berlin

Autohaus services may be prohibited in Germany, but My Taxi and Find Your Truck can help first-time visitors who are traveling in the town. Well, you can forgot to catch a Uber in Berlin. In Germany, the alcohol business was prohibited following a 2015 judgement which found that it infringed rules obliging all hauliers to use authorised motorists.

In fact, the Germany capitol, known as Silicon Valley of Germany, has a number of effective applications to turn even a freshman into a real Berliner. My Taxi is basically a Uber phone that lets you call a taxi rider, keep an eye on their status, and use your smart phone to make payments.

Try Allygator, a joint shuttleservice for Berlin Clubber who want to come home after a good night's sleep, for a lower -priced option. It'?s only a few euro cent a kilometer to get through town. Like the name implies, this edition of Lebensmittel Essential provides a complete guideline for you to enjoy the burgeoning armies of Berlin's tipster grocery stores.

Contains a list of lorry location, opening hours and opening hours, photographs from the daily menus, and allows you to create a list of your favourites to find later. Clubber, this site, which is only open on Berlin weekend, offers online news about upcoming Berlin venues and offers information about the length of lines and waiting periods for hot spots.

Taxi 101 Berlin: Taxi driving in Berlin: Rates, tips, how to.....

In Berlin it's simply great to take a taxi: if you're in a rush, if you don't use your local transportation, if the bad conditions are - or if you want to go from A to A now. In Berlin, taxis are not only at your fingertips almost everywhere - a taxi ride is also still quite inexpensive.

The Berlin taxi rates are still comparatively low. Berlin has the biggest taxicab collection of all Germany's cities: over 7. Thousands of mostly small taxi firms. A lot of taxi operators are self-employed - many taxi operators have very few vehicles. Taxi riders, taxi operators and taxi bureaux face fierce rivalry.

Big rivalry can result in low prices: While many tourist probably actually think that a TAXI trip is just too beautiful to be cheap, in Berlin it still is: The cost you have to owe for an ordinary taxi trip is still quite reasonable, especially in comparison to tariffs you have to owe in other big city.

In Berlin, how do you actually get a taxi? They can go to one of the many taxi stands and take the first taxi in the line. You can call one of the taxi services and order/pre-order a taxi to a specific place and at a specific hour. Taxi Berlin Prices - How much does a TAXI trip in Berlin costs?

It is likely that most of us want to know in advance how much a TAXI journey will be. Since Berlin taxi fares are regular, Berlin taxi fares are no mystery - there's not much to suspect. Of course you can stop a taxi at any time and ask the taxi operator directly what the planned journey will cost you.

This is standard practise and usually the taxi operator will at least try to give you a fairly precise estimation. However, this kind of circumstance can also become unpleasant - especially if the client chooses not to make the trip. Taxi riders in Berlin are acquainted with customers who ask the price in advance and would probably loose a large part of the deal if they didn't give an adequate reply.

If you are scheduling a longer taxi trip, the simpler way to prevent unpleasant surprises is probably to really consider in ahead what your TAXI trip will be like. Of course, there is also an online taxi rate calculator that answers your questions directly. The only thing you need to know is the estimated travel range - and one click later the taxi calculator presents a rate label that is very similar to the real fares.

What is the Online Taxi Tariff Converter? Well, this is quite simple, even though the ticket finder is currently only available in English. In this case, the approximate ticket prices are displayed at the top of the page ("Approximate ticket price: XX,xx EUR") and at the end of the page ("Total price"). It is not hard to memorize the basic equation because the taxi tariffs are fixed: currently (August 2015) the taxi trip rate is computed as follows:

With Google Maps you can calculate a 6 km range. According to the above equation, the taxi cab owner would probably bill you a grand total of 15.90 euros. From Tegel Airport to Berlin/ Alexanderplatz the taxi rate is about 26 Euro. Spacing is approx. 12. 5 km, according to the itinerary chosen by the rider.

Taxis to Berlin Schönefeld Airport cost around 45 euros. From the intersection Eberswalder Straße / Schönhauser Allee / Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg: The walking distance is approx. 25 km. According to the above equation, the taxi cab owner would probably bill you a grand total of 45 euros. In this case there may be additional charges for the fare:

The Berlin Kurzstrecke is a quick trip. In Berlin, if you only want to travel a small part of the way by taxi, you can take a taxi fare named Kurzstrecke. It is not possible to ask a taxi rider queuing at a taxi rank for a quick drive, but you can stop a taxi on the road and ask for this "special offer".

Just a few minutes' drive will take you up to two kilometres and costs you 5 euros. Get a cargo taxi. Several small businesses provide a shuttle taxi shuttle called " Lastentaxi ", which would be translated as Cargo Taxi. Probably in the USA, these firms would operate a kind of man-with avan operation.

Probably you should contact the taxi service in beforehand - they could immediately ship you a bigger one. Get a Maxi-Taxi / minibus. Travelling with five or more persons costs you a supplement of 5 Euro. What the on-line computer doesn't show is that you should actually tip - I would even say you have to tip!

Taxis are not very well remunerated and tips are part of the deals - which is also true for guest employees. Naturally: The more, the better (see also: Tips in Berlin). A tip on a shorter distance is also welcome, even if it interferes with the idea of "short ride".

Most if not all Berlin taxi riders will appreciate hard cash. Please note that this is not a good idea. There is also the possibility that many taxi riders still choose to take money, even if they use debit card. A taxi trip to the nearest ATM could be a little high. This said that many taxi riders will actually take credits.

However, you should probably better ask the rider if he will accept credits before he starts the journey. There is also currently a new act that would oblige all taxi riders to accept payment via bankcard.

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