Gary Jet Center

The Gary Jet Center

This is Gary Jet Center, Gary, Indiana. Contact details of the aircraft operator and fleet for the GARY JET CENTER. The Gary Jet Center am Gary/Chicago International Airport

Part 91 is operated locally and we make stopovers at KGYY's Jet Center every week for refueling and piloting pauses. The Gary Jet Center provides outstanding services and state-of-the-art amenities that make us come back again and again. Montgomery is the best line specialist I've ever known. It makes you think that you are a Gary Jet Center hostess, just like any other person I've had GJC with.

Denis and Cynthia have always gone the extra mile to help us. Everyone at the Gary Jet Center was very kind and courteous. Dennis, who hit me in my 182, shone most brightly when I came in on the Gulfstream. A small aerodrome person and prices with first class service for every client.

When I get to Chicago, Gary's my way to the terminal. Our employees will do everything they can to help you. Cheap petrol rates and park charges, nice facilities and they will take you to the railway and the South Shore Line will take you to the centre of Chicago's loop in less than an hours.

The Gary Jet Center is a great FBO! All of them offer outstanding services, especially Dennis Montgomery. It was a week's flight to KGYYY in Chicago, the Gary Jet Center employees couldn't have been kinder and more supportive. Brilliant services! Kind personnel! Whilst I spent the night in Gary, Indiana, on a Cirrus SR22 overland tour, I probably saw the most beautiful FBO in the USA!

The FBO is massive and all-new, but more important was the stunning level of client support provided by the Gary Jet Center people. Dennis more than once assisted me with the transport requirements, Cynthia and Simone are extremely kind and treat this pilots like a G5 holder.

Stop here & like me, you can simply walk out of the way to tie in the Gary Jet Center for your next refueling or corporate stop in Chicago. Friendliness of our employees, very customer-oriented. Thanks to Chauncey, Cynthia and their team. Kind, supportive directors are a delight to use.

The same line begins there and ends at Millennium Railway in Chicago. I' ve been a satisfied client for some now, but last weekend was my first visit to their all-new FBO plant. As always, the services were flawless and timely, and the prices are much better than at Midway. When you' re on your way to Chicago, you've come to the right place.

One of the most stations on the way to Chicago and you are saving cash for gas and tolls! Montgomery Dennis, Line Specialist is the kindest guy I've ever seen at an FBO, followed by everyone else I've seen at the Gary Jet Center. I' ve been with Gary Jet for several years.

Very polite and supportive, no matter what I fly. Gary Jet's Dennis and Cynthia are a vibrant team. When you come to Chicago, don't go anywhere else. The Gary Jet Center could not have been more uplifting. There was a baggage transport to and from a nearby airport, the airplane was taken and refueled before our arrival, and the best part was that everyone was kind and polite and very eager to be of help, especially Cynthia, Dennis and Will Davis.

It is a good way to get to Chicago, but the aerodrome is classified A with a very simple design and a good control panel. No matter if they have a 152 or a Gulfstream, they handle everyone like a king. Whilst each member has been fantastic, Dennis and Cynthia have an exceptionally kind welcome and always stay out of the way to house people.

Travelling to Chicago city centre by plane to Gary and by rail to the city centre is one of the best ways to get around! Dennis, Line Services and Cynthia, CSR were fantastic. Lovely folks who provide great services. I' ve been using the Gary Jet Center for over eight years. Everybody in this FBO is fantastic, especially Cynthia at the desktop and Dennis at the front.

This FBO is recommended to anyone who wants to hang their airplane in a hanger or fly into the Chicago area. Magnificent services, the transport to the city was quickly organized. Cynthia Polk and Dennis Montgomery are the embodiment of our outstanding line services, because they are simply no better. Twenty-five years + client.....

Flying a Piper Meridian and making regular fuel stop at Gary. Cynthia Polk at the reception and Dennis Montgomery, the line specialists, always welcome us. On all our trips to many FBO's Gary is our favourite because he is polite, always kind and helpful.

I have been here for about a whole weekend and Cynthia Polk at the reception has rescued my whole body, especially by making sure that the way I and my plane are treated works smoothly. And then there's Dennis Montgomery, who implements the sort of FBO operation and QoS I was enjoying.

Because Dennis has my airplane in action, standing by whenever I need it. Thank you, Dennis, for making us think that you are welcome and that our store is valued. On 28.3.2017 an outstanding customer support was offered. Because Dennis took special precautions for her. There were great gas oil costs and the facilities of all were better. Couldn't say enough good things about the Gary Jet Center.

First, Dennis welcomed us. Everybody in this FBO has been kind, and they're the frontrunners in client services. There'?s a motor pool that?s gonna take you to Chicago. When you come from either direction, this is where you can dock. for the FBO of the year.

I was flying in my Aztecs for a med congress inner-city Chicago. The employees were very enjoyable, thoughtful and professionally. Got an awesome bend at the Gary Jet Center this afternoon. Yeah. Outstanding facilities and although I was arriving in a C152, the employees were treating me as if I had landed in a jet - briefed and parking right in front of the dock.

With the Chicago Lake Shore flyway, it was simple to get on and off VFR, and both the tower and approach were simple to use even though they were very busy. Getting on and off the VFR was simple. So we went to Gary with a short-term timetable shift and were very pleased with the best FBO services I've had in a long while.

and Dennis on the phone are always looking forward to seeing you. Our courteous, proffesional staff is second to none. Best services at the best prices. The Gary Jet Center is always willing to help and has the lowest cost petrol on both sides of the Mississippi.

GJC impresses me in every respect (line personnel, servicing, after sales support, administration team). Cause Dennis on line always fantastically cares about my plane. Unnecessary to say, my woman, who has been on the plane since she was sixteen, is choosy. Gary Jet Center employees are amazing and understanding our customers very well.

Your help with transporting the cargo on the road spared us a lot of valuable travel and it took us less than 25 min to get to Chicago city centre. Unsure why I would be paying $4 more per gallon of 100LL to go to Chicago Midway if the travel is the same as the city. The KGYY is probably the best kept mystery of Chicago's regional aviation.....

If you want the best possible services, the Gary Jet Center is the place to stop. And the GJC crew is really top-notch - Cynthia at the reception, Dennis in charge, Fred in maintenance - I can't say enough good things about this happy and supportive crew.

Cynthia has a big, inviting grin that offers a cup of tea and a squad truck. I' ve never been dissapointed with the Gary Jet Center. Everyone at the Gary Jet Center cared a lot about my Eclipse and me. Faire prices, auto waits while I rolled in, warmed hangar with last-minute pull-out in the snows, and kind personnel who will be happy to help.....

Travelling in the city center of Chicago not much different than from Midway. Cynthia' is usually at the office and Dennis' is usually outside and they're great.

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