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The MacBook Pro takes your notebook to a whole new level of performance and portability. October 2018 Apple event: Things you can look forward to from MacBook and iPad 15 October Update: This history has been refreshed by reviews of the iPad Pro without headphones sockets. A year as long as Apple's was occupied may mean that the year 2018 is not yet ready to introduce new product. From a MacBook Air sequel to iPad Pro upgrades, rumours about everything have been buzzing for month.

If Apple plans to release these items in a timely manner to present them to vacation buyers, this will be the last months when it will be known what the Apple Group has been working on for both its MacBook and iPad collections. Here is a more detailed look at what awaits you, basing on the most beloved rumours now out there.

Hang on, didn't Apple just put on a media conference to showcase new product? Returning on September 12, Apple presented new iPhones and a new Apple Watch on the company's Cupertino campus. Aside from a few nodding towards softwares like e.g. iPOS, e.g. macro, e.g. watchOS, etc., these were the only things Apple was discussing.

Apple also resells other things (although reviewers think the business might have forgotten). Some of these require a refresher, preferably before the end of the year. Is there usually an October meeting at Apple? A October introductory session for something other than iPhones is not exactly unparalleled.

In 2016, a months after the launch of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple was back on track to showcase new MacBook Pros, such as the Touch Bar brings us. This was a necessary step, because the MacBook Pro range at the beginning had not been updated for years.

Apple therefore has both a story of introducing items that are separated from the iPhone introduction and the incentive to do so this year. So we' re quite optimistic that we will see something from Cupertino in the next few week, even though Apple is as crisp as ever with its schedules.

What happens to the MacBook? Some of the most apparent things Apple could do to refresh its laptops offering is to integrate new CPUs into the MacBook and MacBook Air. The MacBook, currently powered by the Gen 7 Intel Core processor, is a fraction of what Apple's MacBook Pros is made of.

That' just a few lighting years ahead of MacBook Air, which still uses F5th Gene processing. One stubborn rumour in recent weeks was that Apple would release a MacBook with a price below $1,000 and 8th-generation Intel Core processors. However, an August Bloomberg article suggests that this is not a pure MacBook Air Fresh.

McBook Aird 2018: Will Apple make a comeback? MacBook has been redesigned to be a MacBook and Apple could give it a completely new name. And the new notebook could also remove the 12-inch MacBook from the Apple line if the corporation decided to pull a clearer line between its MacBook Pro offers and its low-cost notebook targeted at shoppers and colleges.

However, it is rumored that Intel's recently published Amber Lake processors will find their way into a new MacBook as well. How about the iPad? When Apple has an iPad upgrade in the works, it will almost certainly be an iPad Pro. There are rumours that Apple will introduce a new dimension for its pro-level tray.

An 11-inch iPad Pro would supersede the latest 10 in this case, which was announced by Apple's renowned Ming-Chi Kuo, among others. If Apple had the option to reduce the bezel around the iPad Pro screen, get the Home key off and put in a True Depth front view similar to the iPhone X Series.

This would mean that functions like Face ID and Animoji/Memoji would find their way to Apple'sablets. Based on resources that have been involved in the iPad Pro's evolution, the paper argues that the tray will once again be available in two different size versions (with Wi-Fi and LTE versions, respectively) and will feature almost rim-filling steady rests. This new iPad pros are likely to receive a greater performance boost as a new review asserts that the tables will carry a new brand new Apple Vortex based 12X onboard.

It would be the next heteration of the A12 processor found in the iPhone XS, XS Max and the forthcoming iPhone XR. 9to5Mac says you can also look forward to a new Apple Pencil with Proximity Matching and a new magnet port for mounting accessory. Double rumours (1, 2) suggest that Apple is ripping out the earphone port from the iPad Pro.

And what else could Apple announce? Laptop computers and the iPad are not the only Apple devices that have become a little old. Since 2014 Apple has not handled this item. Talking of 2017 announcements, Apple's AirPower charger will remain MIA even after the iPhone September incident, with speculations that Apple may have even scraped the device.

Looking to the bright side for Apple's AirPod headset, a new release is supposedly in the works. A new iPad and both accessory parts could be easily introduced. What time will the Apple show be in October 2018? Apple has given no indication as to when there might be a October release of a major release, although logical predictions are that the announcement will come in the second half of the current year.

As a rule, Apple gives the media a deadline of 10 to 2 working days if they plan an activity, which would mean the 15 October weekend at the earliest. Apple also gives the media a deadline of 10 to 2 working hours if they plan an activity. Remember that Apple is beginning to accept pre-orders for the upcoming iPhone XR on October 19, with the $749 telephone coming into shops a week later.

Planning a physical events at this point - even if it's MacBooks and iPads - could help keep reminding folks that there are other Apple items they might want to add to their vacation budget.

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