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British Gov license plate check

Verify online what information the Driver and Vehicle Registration Authority (DVLA) has about a vehicle. You need the license plate number of the vehicle. Verify that a car is subject to tax. Determine whether a car has a current motor charge or is approved as off-road (SORN). AskMID' to check whether your car is covered by insurance.

You need the number plate (number plate) of the car. Do not add any personally identifiable or pecuniary information such as your National Insurance Number or your applicable bank account information.

You will receive a return e-mail with a reference to a questionnaire. Don't be afraid, we won't mail you spams or give your e-mail adress to any third party. You don't have an e-mail adress?

Verify the TÜV certificate documentation of a car.

Verify the previous results of the TÜV testing of a car, including: They can only obtain results for testing carried out in England, Scotland or Wales since 2005. They need the number plate of the car (license plate). The results can be seen as soon as the TÜV center has registered the test results. You need the 11-digit number from the driver's logbook (V5C).

Purchase a personalized registry number.

Personalized plates may only be used on a UK-approved ( or near-approved ), duty paid and used car. One cannot make the car look newer than it actually is. You cannot, for example, set a 07 number plate on a 2003 approved car. If you purchase a personalized license plate, you acquire the right to associate this number with a car licensed in your name or the name of another person (the candidate).

Personalized Registrations DVLA also sells some unique registry numbers. A personalized registry number can be purchased from a retailer or purchased from your home.

Personalized DVLA Registrations - Buy your own personalized license plate directly from DVLA. Completely included from £250

This registration is timeless and can be attributed to any suitable car authorised in continental UK and Northern Ireland. Click View to see a list of Northern Ireland (NI) registration options that can be bought at a flat rate. Do you have a query about license plate numbers or how to find your perfect license plate?

With over 45 million personalized registration items that can be purchased on-line, DVLA Personalized Registration may seem frightening at first to find your perfect license plate, but the procedure is very easy. Registration includes value added tax and an administration charge of £80. That means that there is nothing else to be paid for but the cost of producing the real hard disks.

As soon as you have bought your subscription, we will ship you a certificate of entitlement (V750). Restrict the results to the type of domain name you like. Enables you to fine-tune your query and find more targeted hits to your plate query metrics. Have a look at your personal registry on a vehicle, bicycle or lorry.

Send your boyfriend an e-mail about this personalized subscription. Join this registry to a wish list. Registrations are only possible until 30 June. There is no registry available.

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