Srilankan Air Taxi Service

Sri Lankan Air Taxi Service

You're not doing anyone a service here. You're just doing a DIS service. The report admits that its air taxi service was a "loss-making operation". But we want to experience the air taxi for aerial photography.

Srilankan Air Taxi Timetable Place for boating and reservation of Srilankan air taxi services

The SriLankan Airlines offers a specialized Air Taxi service from Colombo to several destinations and back. The below listed regular services connect Sri Lankan Airlines every day with Sri Lankan Airlines worldwide, while there are also charters and much loved liveaboard services. Bookings for regular services can be made through Sri Lankan Airlines office or via our contact details.

SriLanki air taxi landed as a los, again flying with Cinnamon Air

The SriLankan Airlines has ceased its inefficient air taxi service only 28 and a half years after it was relaunched in the midst of a big trumpet. "We will not use our own aircraft," Sri Lanka's Chief Marketing Officer G.T. Jeyaseelan commented. Fortunately, the company's expensive seaplane leasing contract with Kenn Borek Air of Canada expired last November and was not extended.

Cinnamon Air is currently negotiating a codeshare with a privately held company, Cinnamon Air, as an option. Three Cinnamon Air airplanes, all Cessna 8-seater seaplanes. As part of the deal, which is expected to be completed in a few working days, one of the airlines will be painted with SriLankan Airlines paint. The Cinnamon Air business is led by Safron Aviation (Pvt) Ltd, a MMBL Leisure Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, John Keells Holdings PLC (JKH) and Phoenix Ventures Ltd JV Ltd JV Ventures Ltd. jointly controlled company.

The Annual Report 2011-12 of SriLankan Airlines acknowledges that its air taxi service was a "loss-making operation". In December 2010, the floatplanes were re-commissioned after several years of decay due to the instable safety state. Mr. Jeyaseelan said that the new agreement with Cinnamon Air was "an occasion to better process them (Air Taxi Service)".

A thrilling air taxi adventure in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a naturally gifted country. There' so much to see on this wonderful archipelago and while a country look at this beautiness is flamboyant in its own way, an aerial look is certainly stunning. Select during your vacation in Sri Lanka an air taxi adventure with one of the many seaplane suppliers.

In 2004, the floatplane service in Sri Lanka was put into operation for the first time, but it did not take long due to the predominant civilian conflict in the state. The service was relaunched in 2012 and was very far below radars, but is now rapidly growing in importance. Lankan Airlines was the first to develop an air taxi service, soon followed by other airlines such as Cinnamon Air, Expo Air, Deccan Aviation, Helitours, Cosmos Aviation, Air Senok and several others.

In Sri Lanka with an air taxi you can take a fast and breathtaking trip across the whole Sri Lanka Islands with stopovers at many famous places like Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Sigiriya, Bentota, Koggala, Dickwella, Batticaloa and Trincomalee. There are also air taxi service at the International Airport so you can use this service as a connection to your nearest Sri Lanka vacation spot.

As these aircraft are small, it is possible for a group of approximately 15-20 persons to book a full plane rental and take a personal journey across the Indian Ocean bead. Air Taxi Service in Sri Lanka is truly a unique magic event.

Colombo-Koggala offers air photos of the highway, rice paddies, coconut groves, temples, mosques, crime scenes and a breathtaking panoramic southwest coast. Every floatplane has two pilot at the front who are very kind and happy to help with any question you may have.

Availability of places on the flights will vary according to the floatplane operator you travel with. It' s more enjoyable to meet with a group of relatives and acquaintances and book your own charters so you can share the adventure with your beloved ones. As soon as you are sitting comfortable on the plane and have fastened your seat belts correctly, the pilot starts to take off.

There' s no cab that separates the dashboard on a floatplane so you can see how the pilot is tampering with the air. When you are on a sightseeing tour, the trip usually takes about an hours and goes about 7500ft into the skies. Seaplanes land depending on sea level, current and view.

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