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International Navistar cabin mounts Compatible with most conventional S2500, S2600, 8100, 8100, 8200 and 8300 ranges. Suitable for most of the 9100, 9200 and 9900 day cabins produced after March 1997. Compatible with most conventional 9200 day cabins with DDH produced before March 1997. Compatible with most 9400 and 9900 day cabins produced internationally after December 2001 (manufactured before December 2001 requires part number 2476-B000).

Suitable for most conventional devices of the 9300, 9400, 9900 and 9900 serie (with high maintenance requirements). Compatible with most 9200 engine ranges with Cummins and Caterpillar engine produced prior to January 1997. Suitable for most 9670, 9700 and 9800 cars with 89" and 110" cabins produced after 1981.

The Cabmate® links

The Cabmate® is the premier cab air spring system for Class 7 and Class 8 heavy duty vehicles. Replacing the massive cab tail bearings, it features an air buffer with air struts, dampers, levelling valve and strategic mounting hardware to control cab motion. The Cabmate is specially developed for the rider.

It' redesigned to reduce street shocks and kickbacks, irritating vibration and back strain for the operator while enhancing the cab surroundings, increasing operator attention and security. Aviation ensures a quiet, smooth ride and help keep cabin service cost under check. For more than four decennia, Linkage has been the global market leading manufacturer of cab mounts.

We have continuously perfected our construction and production process since the development of our first prototype in 1980. Though our story began with the supply of Class 8 lorries, Link provides product to a wide range of clients and different marketplaces. At present we produce more cab mounts than anyone else in the globe and have developed and constructed a solution for them:

Petebilt 359/379 Cabmate cab air springs

Supplied with two airbags, two airbags, levelling control valves, assembly set, assembly instruction and flue gas holder. If you are fitted to a double tailpipe lorry, you will need to order a seperate flex bracket that will absorb the street impact and vibrations transferred by the chassis and massive cab brackets for a more quiet and quiet ride.

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