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Journey with Chicago Jet Charter Services from EJM to and from Chicago on your program. Journeys in a relaxed, comfortable environment; voted "Best Charter Service" year after year. Supplementary information for private jet charter flights to and from Chicago:

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on the world's biggest market place for charter pros, CharterX/Avinode. The employees of a business are the basis. Harry how much I like working with Michelle, Nanette and Blake, like you and your group. So Michelle was supportive and enjoyable in helping to plan, coordinate and communicate the very bustling travel route of the customers.

"Jet Jet Group Inc. is a joy to work with" is professionally competent and kind. "Rick and his crew have been great together for the past 6 years. And we would strongly suggest this enterprise. "In collaboration with the entire New Flight staff, the expertise is always great.

You belong to the top charter companies that are shining! "with Nanette, Michelle and the whole outfit. "Aeronautical Charter, Inc. "It' always a treat to work with someone at New Flight. "Sun Quest Executive Air Charter, Inc. "It' always a real treat to work with Nanette and Michelle.

Working with Nanette was a great experience. I' m looking forward to working with New Flight in the near term, what a delight! "Michelle and Nanette are great partners and we really appreciate working with them.

7 major airports for Los Angeles jetliners

It is our policy to use a cookie to make sure that you have the best possible viewing experience on our website. The centerpiece of the amusement industries, corporate turntable and premier vacation spot, Los Angeles is by far one of the leading residential jets destinations in the United States. In order to house its large fleet of jet-setters, Los Angeles is served by over a decade of privately owned flights throughout the state.

We have compiled a shortlist of Los Angeles International Executive Travel Destinations that go beyond the confines of Los Angeles and offer extraordinary accommodations for individuals. Featuring premium conveniences and classy FBOs - fixed-base operator or mini-private jets - you don't have to worry about having to wait at the terminal. Van Nuys International is situated just east of Los Angeles and is the city's most frequented charterport.

With over 200,000 take-offs and landings per year, it is one of the most frequented non-commercial airport in the globe. Clay Lacy FBO is also packed with conveniences and was named "Best FBO in Southwest Region" for the 22nd time at the Pilots' Choice Awards 2016. The Bob Hope Airport is situated three nautical miles from Burbank city centre and 12 nautical miles away from Downtown LA.

Initially known as United Airports, the 2003 designation was after the famous Bob Hope, an air travel enthusiast who held his aircraft at the aerodrome for years before his demise. It is a favourite destination for people living in the cities of Pasadena, Glendale and Hollywood who want to reduce the amount of travel.

There are two privately owned jets with fully staffed meeting rooms, luxury lounge areas, shower facilities and hotspots. The Santa Monica Municipal International Airports is situated in Santa Monica, just a few kilometers from Malibu, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles City. Prior to serving some of Los Angeles's most elitist districts, the site created the conditions for the first Santa Monica outings.

Today, one of the hangers here is home to the famous Cruiser, the first aircraft to circumnavigate the globe. Atlantic Aviation operates charter operations from its base, which is open 24 hours a day and provides tailor-made caterers, luggage service, a meeting room and a pilots area. The Los Angeles International Airports (LAX) was first opened in 1928 as Mines Field, the city's first urban airfield.

Today, LAX is the 4th largest international air terminal with over 80 million annual arrivals. Fortunately for those travelling by plane, the airports also offer two incredible well-equipped personal jets terminal, freed from the commotion. It is a favourite destination for travellers who fly to LAX by charter to fly with a long-haul aircraft.

Long Beach International Airports, constructed in 1941, is an iconical part of the Long Beach legacy. Privileged aircraft passangers have a selection of four FBOs: The LA/Ontario International Airports is situated in San Bernardino, 38 kilometers from Los Angeles city center. In the 1920s, the Friends of Ontario was one of the first flight club in the south of California to build the area.

It has since become the third most frequented aerodrome in the LA area. In general, there is very little road travel to the airports, making it a favourite with LA easterners. The Guardian Jet Center serves personal jetliners and is furnished with a meeting room, staff lounges, bedrooms and shower facilities.

John Wayne Airport is 35 Miles South of LA and is the most comfortable gate to the seaside cities of Newport and Laguna as well as Disneyland and Anaheim Angels Stadium. Privatjets fly in Atlantic Aviation Orange County, which has a concierge, parking service and training facilities, as well as Signature FBO, which provides several meeting rooms and a large privately-owned lounges.

For more information on charter flight bookings and our recommendation of the best airport for your home or travel, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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