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There is no other aircraft that defines private luxury aviation like the Gulfstream. The Gulfstream G650 charter flights | Stratos Jet Charters The Gulfstream Aerospace surpassed itself when it developed the Gulfstream 650. Launched in 2008, the 650 continues to be held in high esteem by those who require the highest level of charter service for privately owned jets. Indeed, despite a $65 million purchase list, the waiting list for the purchase of a 650 soon after the start of manufacture increased to more than 200!

Gulfstream's G650 is the biggest and quickest Gulfstream Jet and can carry between 11 and 18 people, according to configurations. She has an amazing long-range 595 mbph cruise ship and can fly 7,000 nm non-stop. That makes it possible to go to places like: If you want to get some sleep while crossing at 51,000 ft, it can sleep up to 10 people.

Gulfstream's G650 charter jet's outstanding features are complemented by the equipment and styling of the cab. Our aim is to provide an environmentally friendly setting where those travelling on privately chartered aircraft can reach their ultimate destinations and feel rejuvenated. This roomy cab is 8 ft 6 inch broad and 6 ft 5 inch high, and it can be customized for various uses, such as..:

But despite its large dimensions, the Gulfstream G650 still weights less than 100,000lbs. It is a true benefit when it comes to chartering privately, as it allows travelers to bypass the busy downtown airport. The G650 is fitted with a full range of facilities, including a full galley and full counter - full of air ovens and fridge trays - as well as home and office facilities such as sat telephones and Wi-Fi.

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Long-haul Gulfstream Jet Charter, large luxurious cabins.

The Gulfstream line of Premier Executives is the most defined definition of personal jet aviation. There is no other charter company that can offer such a broad Gulfstream model portfolio as Jet Aviation - you can be sure that your charter requirements will be met. Gulfstream's Gulfstream portfolio consists of state-of-the-art, silent and fuel-efficient aircrafts that can take you anywhere in the globe quickly and conveniently.

The company has the highest levels of ARG/US, Wyvern Wingman Alliance and IS-BAO security rating, and is a member of the Air Charter Security Foundation. As well as our own extensive security programmes, our aircrews are seasoned experts who participate in regular aviation security and simuflite trainings. Every single aircraft has its own unique pilot, ensuring that the pilot and cabin attendant are familiar with the plane they are flying.

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