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The aircraft are equipped with winglets, "flat" seats and movable partitions that can create small suites in the aircraft. Aircraft In 2000, we wanted to impress our clients with an all-new 162-seat Airbus A320 squad, which offers the greatest freedom of movement in coaches*, sat TV, comfort seating and a relaxed atmosphere thanks to a strong focus on styling. Over the years, we strive to further win the hearts of our clients, which is why over the next four years we are reviving our airplanes with more advanced technologies and enhanced fabrics for a fresh look and even more comfort.

We enhance your onboard viewing pleasure with a range of technologically advanced functions. Fly-Fi - which contains lots of customized contents on the hub and the possibility to broadcast your favourite shows on Amazonideo - won't disrupt your regular scheduled timetable! Our new in-flight entertaining system lets you browse through our videos and view on-demand shows.

Featuring a seated electrical connection and convenient connectivity, it's simple to keep up with all the on-board fun. Leaner, more streamlined seating and an overall rejuvenated airplane design will keep offering the roomy surroundings you've come to like. We have the greatest leg room in the bus (any US carrier, depending on the mean tilt of the seat) and the greatest amount of individual freedom to make those feet feel good.

Characteristically, our spacious seating continues to be available on all airplanes. Small detail makes a big difference in the way clients are interacting and sensing with their surroundings. An important contribution to making sure our clients enjoy a refreshing landing. Initially launched with 162 passengers, the Airbus Airbus A320 features the broadest body of any singles airliner, broad seating and gangways, and large luggage compartments.

Length:123' 3" Wingspan:111' 10" The latest member of our family, the Airbus 321 has a lot in common with our Airbus A 320, but with a longer tail. Our customer pilots who fly our airplane model 321 are already experiencing many of the characteristics of our new interior, complete with new seating. By 2016, we will present our 200-seater AP321 (without the Mint experience) and fly our 159-seater AP321 (with the Mint experience).

The Embraer 190 (E190) features a one-of-a-kind "double-bladed" airframe, offering the customer one of the most roomy interior spaces of any narrow-body airliner. Whilst our E190s are not part of our re-styling programme, our E190s have 100 comfortable lease seating configurations in a two by two lay-out, meaning clients have either a corridor or sill.

The Even More Space seating system, which provides extra leg room, is also available for the I190. Every chair is fitted with our DIRECTV 36 channel in-flight cinema system and SiriusXM 100+ channel radio. 25 " cabin height:6' 7" length:118' 11" wingspan:94' 3" 1 Maximum freedom of movement in the bus due to average fleet-wide inclination of US-carriers.

Have a look at the Blueprint if you ever asked yourself what is going on in our airplanes! It was a home run with our Boston crew members and clients. This cubically inspiring styling was presented along with the shipment of our first A321 to mirror the many unbelievable aspects of our family.

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