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The JetLite is one of the few airlines that has an interesting history of mergers and acquisitions. The JetLite is an aircraft based at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, India. JetLite Central booking | Book our flights online & save The JetLite is a low-cost Jet Airways affiliate. The company was formerly known as Air Sahara until it was acquired by Jet Airways and subsequently re-branded as JetLite. Jet Airways announces on April 16 that Air Sahara will be known as Jetlite.

The JetLite had a JetCafe on the plane that provided groceries for sale in business class while free business class meal services were provided.

In February 2017, the JetLite portfolio comprised 8 aircrafts and served 22 targets. Founded in September 1991, JetLite began operating as Sahara Airlines in December 1993. In October 2000, Sahara Airlines was renamed Air Sahara and became an intercontinental airline in 2004 with the launch of services from Chennai to Colombo and later to London, Singapore, the Maldives and Kathmandu.

JetKonnect was incorporated into Jet Airways on December 1, 2014 and is now operating under its own Air Operators Certificate and Air Operators Identifier (S2) operating under Jet Sky's own codeshare until the completion of the transaction following regulatory clearance. Gradually, the Jet Airways paint job will also be applied to the airline population.

In September 2015, the proposed transaction was accepted by the Jet Airways management and in April 2016 by the airline's stockholders. In September 2015, the proposed transaction was accepted by the Jet Airways management and in April 2016 by the airline's stockholders.

Speaking in a BSE petition, the carrier said that the Department of Commercial Aircraft did not approve the Jet Lite Ltd. fusion with itself. "The submission states that Jet Lite (India) Ltd and Jet Airways (India) Ltd will pursue their activities as two distinct entity with their AOCs each.

The name of Sahara Airlines has been changed to Jet Lite. Jet Airways spokesman said he respected the Ministry's ruling on the planned mergers plan. Jet Airways purchased Sahara Airlines in April 2007 following an adjudication for 1,450 rupees and changed its name to JetLite. In April 2016, the carrier stated that the transaction would result in greater efficiencies in the operational liquidity of the merged company and'unhindered liquidity availability of the Merged company, which can be used more effectively to maximize value to shareholders.

Jet Airways share decreased 2. 36 per cent to closing at 499s. Jetlit flies to many different locations and offers all customers a cost-effective and secure airport connection. Explore the most famous Jetliteflight trails to any destination in the world. Our speciality is to find the best available rates for a wide variety of airline companies and make them available to you on-line, with rates in the currencies of your choosing.

You' ll gain insights into many advantages and exclusives from over 650 airline companies. Recently, Jet Airways took over Jet Aviation's Sahara aircraft and is now renaming it Jetlite. It was one of the first to be launched when the Malaysian authorities deregulated India's internal market in 1993. Jetlite Jet Lite is a wholly-owned affiliate of Jet Airways, one of the biggest private carriers in India.

It serves 28 airfields, 2 of which are internationally with 108 non-stop services per flight per day and has approximately 16,000 seat capacity per city. Our entire local office networks include all of India's large metropolitan areas and many of its local capitals and airfields. The airline, in particular, provides the service: Kathmandu and Colombo are Jet Lite's main destination.

It has been a few hard years for this courageous company, which has played a pioneering role in the development of the rapidly expanding Indian aviation industry. Jet Airways' recent acquisition means that Jetlite will occupy a place between a low-fare and a full-service operator.

And the good news has been that the main donor to the India crime teams remains Shahara Airlines - it must be rewarding to consider them for your India flight alone on this base. However, like selecting a good quality India dining experience - look for what the local people use - Air Sahara is definitely the carrier of your decision for home flights in this intriguing, vibrant and sometimes overwhelming land.

Recently, Jet Airways took over Air Sahara and will rename the carrier Jetlite.

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