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Aeroplane is still rolling, so we wait for it at the baggage claim, aeroplane is still rolling on the runway, so we wait for you at the baggage claim. taxi. In this free audio lesson, learn what you can say when you need to take a taxi in Spanish. English translation of "taxi" | The official Collins English-Spanish dictionary online. (at start) rodar por la pista de despegue.

Spanish-English dictionary translation of the taxi by Merriam-Webster.

English translations of "taxi" English-Spanish Collins English-Spanish W├Ârterbuch

A taxi is a vehicle used by a pedestrian whose task it is to get passengers to where they want to go for cash. Taxi pulled up outside the nightclub. Japanese: ??: When an airplane rolls on the floor, or when a flight attendant rolls an airplane somewhere, it rolls slow on the floor.

It gave the aircraft clearance to taxi into place and wait for take-off.

cab English-Spanish translation

There was a distinctive mood of contentment among the awaiting flight crew as the airplane approached them. But Beardsell began to fight with his girlfriend's sister in the caboose when the airplane came to a standstill. In Desert One all C-130s had ended up and were rolled.

The Spitfire was rolled into a hanger after it landed, where it was kept over night until last night, where it gave another flight demonstration. It was during this period that the taxing, take-off and landing times of airplanes at Frankfurt's Rhine-Main International Airports which rolled back through the system were restricted. Once the airplane is back in the air, the flight crews will re-equip the hangars so that the plane can roll back to the hanger.

Heading was retained and the airplane was evacuated from the take-off and landing runways. Be careful when rolling a landing gear trough sludge or silt. When it was time to be rolled, I took roll-testing. By the way, when the airplane rolls to take off, similar sounds that you are hearing are most likely the dampers and fins that are pulled out to take off.

It also has the technical knowledge to make sure that it can be rolled for exhibition purpose and returned to airworthiness if necessary. So we got the call to get the plane on its knees and were waiting to be rolled into theuttle. Since the two planes were not able to win enough strength to take off, they rolled the plane 15 mile back to Azuzeyih.

{\pos (192,210)}The locals put the equipment back since every airplane was free. I' m a driver, and when I rolled my airplane to the coat hook, Sophia appeared and climbs onto the co-driver's chair. It rolled the jets into place and brought the thrushes to war. It rolled the TAF into the trailer and turned off the motors.

It rolled, took off and went high into the sky. It' s even more interesting to roll a Gemini than a loner. It was Steve who assessed the flash and made a quick run across the airstrip and declared the aircraft in good shape except for a small hydraulics spill. California Highway Patrol found that their policies did not allow planes to roll on open highways.

In the course of the take-off, the three pilot assessed the airplane on a take-off and landing strip, which had been blocked because of repair, and beat the airplane in building machines. But when the airplane was rolled for takeoff, the army cancelled its ruling and a lorry laden with gunmen was sent to obstruct the takeoff area.

In March, Carolyn Grace rolled her two-seater Spitfire into a Jet Ranger chopper in Duxford, England. For example, planes that taxi to take-off have to await the departure of the plane or until the arriving plane arrives and the take-off strip is clear. Your feeling is that this could be a good way to prepare for your first flight hour, as the gravel-tuned instructor will guide you through roll, take-off, land and aerial warfare.

Twenty-minute wait, the aircraft rolled up and took off. Well, one thing I don't know was if he had a bow thruster that we have when we roll the aircraft at a lower speed. Squadron 75 pilots roll a horny rope onto the Tindal RAAF base take-off and landing strip for a northern training aces assignment.

A few week before he saw me roll a P-40 out of the car park and drive to the main airstrip. The plane glittered in pink colored light, rolled slow over the bustling airfield and took off 25 min later as planned. When we rolled out of the land area, all our attention was on our plane.

The plane, tied to France, rolled to escape at Sainted when my Mrs Jean became quite restless. Towing the Airacobras to the end of the airstrip instead of rolling them became customary. As the Marines advanced, Rob went on to roll the plane nearer.

Watch it roll onto the take-off and add energy for take-off, where the really difficult part is to overcome sluggishness and gain enough airspeed for take-off. Soon the airplane rolled down the take-off strip and took off into the clearizon. When evacuating, five persons sustained slight wounds, ordered by the master of the airplane, after smoking was discovered in a bathroom in the tail of the Fokker 100 airplane when it was rolled for take-off.

If your airplane lands on smooth waters and taxi to the jetty at Alderbrook Resort & Spa, your pace of travel will slow.

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