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Rentalprice for Helicopter

a href= "Cost calculator "> Cost calculator It is also self-study; with each reservation it can better fine-tune your cost forecast. What is contained in the cost forecast? Cost forecast shall contain estimate of flying hours, transfer times and brokerage charges. Excludes tax, land and airfare, and extra flying and stand-by times.

What makes the cost forecast a margin?

Most of the times it has to do with the fact that there are several helicopter choppers in the program. Every operator evaluates his helicopter differently and as they often come from different places, the transfer times are different. Single helidecks are often not available at the desired moment. What makes this VIP class helicopter cheaper than a standard class helicopter?

This is usually due to the fact that there happens to be a helicopter closer to your point of origin than the default one. How about the not inclusive cost? Hopefully, a helicopter will be available at the lower end of the forecast area and any extra cost will be well below the original forecast.

We have excluded cost items that are very volatile and very hard to forecast, but as soon as providers start making official offers and estimations, these unknown items will disappear. These are some rules of conduct for extra costs: Arrival fees: Large aerodromes will levy a landing fee of up to US$250. Minor aerodromes have lower charges.

Stand-by costs: As a rule, stand-by charges of one hours are included in the outward and return trips of the operator. Ex-ecutive helidecks, in particular but not limited to, may have a minimum daily value per hours for each voyage outside their immediate baseline area. charges for payment by bank card: When you plan far enough in ahead, making a bank transaction instead of using a bank account can cut your cost by 2.5% - 4%.

What is contained in the roundtrip forecast? Expenses for the outward and round journey are based on the assumption that you will conclude your outward and round journey within a few acres. On longer flights, the helicopter may need to go back to your helicopter station before making a second round for you.

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