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Statistically, helicopter charter and flying in general is very safe; far safer than driving. Helicopter charter to any destination in the east of the United States.


Helicopter charter to any target in the east of the United States. The Robinson R44 helicopter is used to get you from next to home in one of the most dependable and effective means of transportation. A helicopter for up to 3 people can be chartered for personal journeys to a wide range of favourite locations, among them the Frying Pan Tower, a U.S. Coast Guard lighting base that turns off the resort 34 nautical miles off the shore.

Helicopters are the prefered way to go, because unlike planes that have to take off and arrive from an aerodrome, we can collect you from almost any point and take you directly to your chosen location. Our flight schedule is available 7 day a week with the Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter.

Raven II is one of the most luxurious choppers on the market and offers an air-conditioned cab for up to 3 people, stunning vistas, baggage compartment, Bose nose cancelling headset and a cruising rate of up to 120mphs. On all charter destinations we provide adaptable charter flight solutions, which include heli-side traffic. It is our belief that our new charter facility is a crucial step for busier executive, VIP and family travelers.

Choppers can touch down almost anywhere, offering maximum versatility and liberty. You can be taken directly to/from your home or construction site. HTH charter services are available throughout Eastern USA at day or one-hour rate and involve shuttles to regional destinations such as Wilmington (ILM), Myrtle Beach (MYR) and Raleigh-Durham (RDU) Internationalports.

Every year, our friendly and highly trained drivers undergo regular trainings and check-outs so that you can lean back and enjoy yourself in the knowledge that you will reach your destinations on schedule and in perfect safety.

Sightseeing | Helicopter Charter Costs in Nepal

Enjoy a bird's view of the Himalayas on a helicopter ride; take a scenic stroll over UNESCO World Heritage sites; and enjoy the art and nature of Nepal on a Kathmandu Helicopter Sightseeing tour. You will also be honoured by stunning summit vistas from Cho-Oyu in the East to Himalchuli in the West.

Don't miss the wonderful opportunity to get close to the Himalayas with Real Adventure Nepal, which organizes a Kathmandu Helicopter Sightseeing Tours that will reward you with half an hours of Nepal's beautiful nature and culture and free floor space at a sensible price - $1250.

Please note: If you need the same trip in our regular tours packs, the cost will be lower, so please feel free to e-mail /contact us for a regular tours pack.

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